Attack of the BlockBuster sequels

Its not a suprise that hollywood pumps out failed sequels. Very few sequels actually make it. Most deserve to go direct to video just on the principal of seat prices at a theatre alone. Then there are the rare few that rise above and make seeing the ongoing story worth while.
Among those would obviously be Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Leathal Weapon, American Pie, Godfather and of course anything with Bruce Campbell with zombies in it. Some just shouldn’t. I could go on all day about how confused I am about the Highlander series (anything after the first confuses me more than Mormons) but now I hear news about Jurassic Park 4.

Aint It Cool News reports:

Ok… what do we know about JURASSIC PARK 4 so far? We know that hotter than J. Lo’s ass Writer William Monahan has been writing the script from an original story by Stephen Spielberg. We know that it will not take place in the jungle or any “green” environment. We know that Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum are on board. We know that Stan Winston’s crew are in heavy design mode for the film. We know that there should be a ton of new breeds of dinos, and that Steven has apparently been mining Crichton’s original novel for more unused material ( the river sequence? ) Lastly… we know it is set for SUMMER 2005.

And furthermore Richard Attenborough has agreed to be in it. Wasn’t he near death in part 2? Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) and Alan Grant (Sam Neill) are both also appearing in the project. Ian was the only character in the entire series that had a shred of common sense. I don’t know how they are going to get his character willingly involved in anything to do with dinosaurs again.
On the bright side, it is slated for summer of 2005, so that puts it alongside Indian Jones 4 and Star Wars: Episode 3. So if it bites soft apples, at least we have something to watch that will make us feel good.

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One thought on “Attack of the BlockBuster sequels

  1. You think that’s bad?
    Johnny and I saw a Trailer for “Resident Evil 2” today. That’s gotta take the “sequel we didn’t need” award. Man.

    Which brings me back to why they can release crap like that and not release Bubba Ho-Tep.

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