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The Superman Home Page reports:

This is not confirmed, but various sources and information shared between myself and the guys running lead us to believe that M. Night Shyamalan is writing and directing this new Superman movie.

I am a big fan of M Night Shyamalan (Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs) but I am curious as to what got him thinking of taking on this genre. On the other hand, M Night fanatics report that he is a HUGE Superman fan and even has a 2ft statue of Supes in his office. He is also writing an introduction for Alex Ross’s upcoming “Mythology” book. Who knew?

Superhero Hype is also stating the most recent rumours that they are stuffing Brendan Fraser in the tights of steel. I am still an advocate that Nicholas Cage would have made a perfect Superman. I personally can’t see Fraser fitting the part. Although Brendan does have a few cartoon icons to his list of characters (George of the Jungle, Dudley DoRight) and he does have that large physique and solid jaw, can we really take him seriously as Big Blue?

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3 thoughts on “Superman News

  1. What about Rock? I saw glimpses of it when he was on SNL. His acting is coming along and if he gets better before then…

  2. Nick cage would have been a horrible Superman! Batman, yes, superman, nooo! I heard his actually signed on to play Ghost Rider, and the way Marvel’s been dishing them out, I’d count on seening that before any superman movie! I can seen Brenden Frazier as Superman, possibly. If I were to cast the film, I’d have Dean Cain reprize the role. I’d say Joaquin Phoenix would make a good Lex, and Pretty much any hot actress in their mid twenties to earlies thirties can play Lois(Jessica Alba, Shannon Elizabeth, Jenifer Connely, Vanessa Marcel, etc.). I don’t think they should do the whole death and rebirth thing, it was cute on the comics, but it would ruin a film franchise. It should be a cross between the first / original superman film and the new Spiderman films. It should focus on the love story between Lois and the complex relation ship with Lex (which seems to work as the focal ponit on shows like smallvile), while at the same time, he battles major villians like Metallo, Brainic, Doomsday, etc. Anywho, I take this film very seriously, as I love everything superman, and don’t want them to fuck this up! Last I heard, they wrote a Superman Batman cross over movie. I heard it will most certainly be made, but only as a join sequel to to both the new Superman film and the new batman film. So don’t expect to see it for another few years! Anyway, anyquestions, e-mail me at [email protected]. Peace!

  3. Nick Cage!?! Really, the man could probably get away with Lex luthor, but not the late-twenties, solid as a rock, pure man of steel!! brendan Frasier is not my pick for man of steel, but he beats the hell out of Nic Cage anytime. I’m more concerned about the choice for a script anyway. To me, being into the actual comic and all, I think that the Death and Return Saga would be perfect for a trilogy. It shows the true range of his heroism. From the sacrifice he is willing to make, the four pretenders to the throne, and his remarkable comeback, this would have been the best choice. But no, that’s too gutsy of a move for some film exec that has never actually read a comic.

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