Yes it’s true, Garfield the

Yes it’s true, Garfield the movie is coming
When I was a kid in grade 6, Garfield was THE funniest thing in the paper. I loved it. I even loved the short lived cartoon series when it came out. Although you don’t really hear much about the character anymore, I’m really stoked about the idea of a live action film. Apparently the amazing Bill Murray has signed on to do the voice of Garfield which is probably the best move they could have made. I mean come on! Who doesn’t want to see Garfield with Bill Murray doing his voice?!?! I also like the supporting cast they have lined up. Breckin Meyer (who was in the hilarious Rat Race) is playing Garfield’s owner Jon Arbuckle, while Jennifer Love Hewitt plays Jon’s love interest and Garfield’s vet Liz. I’m excited about it. Oh, and by the way, Odie IS in it too! The film is already in production and has a set May 14th 2004 as it’s release date. I’m such a looser. (Thanks to the good forlks at FilmForce.Net for the picture)

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  1. This moive is wonderful with perfect 3D graphic. Garfield in the movie is really a cool and smart cat who can dance admirably. When he went to the tall building to saved the dog Odie and went down, it was very cool! But it was so dangerous when he dropped down from the tall building.
    The story line is superb and jokey, and the actress is very beautiful and cute. It was very incredible for Jon that the girl could love him, I also have the same feeling and the same experience with Jon.

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