Just for fun Here’s a

Just for fun
Here’s a quick list of my top 10 favorite 2003 films so far. Notice I didn’t say “Best films of 2003”. These are just the ones I personally enjoyed the most

#1) X-Men 2 – The first X-Men gave the genre new life
#2) Finding Nemo – Can Pixar do anything wrong?
#3) Seabiscuit – Watch for this film at Oscar time
#4) Hulk – Completely not what I expected. Who could have imagined a deep comic film?
#5) Matrix Reloaded – Ignore the bad wrap many are giving it. This film rocks.
#6) Terminator 3 – 2 hours of pure brainless fun. What else did you expect from Arnie? Sorry Ghent :)
#7) Pirates of the Caribbean – Biggest surprise of the year.
#8) Identity – Big unwritten rule in Hollywood: You can’t go wrong with John Cusack
#9) DareDevil – In my humble opinion, a severely underrated film
#10) How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – What can I say? I laughed an awful lot

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