Help Paranormal Activity Get A Wide Release

Hey guys. As you know, we’ve been talking a little bit about this little indie horror film that has everyone talking. Paranormal Activity is being called “One of the scariest movies of all time” by some of the big horror movie websites, and everyone I know who has seen it just RAVES about it.

So here’s the thing… it only has a very limited release right now… BUT YOU CAN CHANGE THAT!

If you go to THIS SITE and “demand” it, you could help the film get a wide release. Paramount has said that if the film gets One Million “demands”, then the film will go nation wide. Nice.

So take a minute and head over here and let your voice be heard.

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29 thoughts on “Help Paranormal Activity Get A Wide Release

  1. “Paranormal Activity” stinks.
    My girl drug me to it tonight in Viera, Fl. I wanted my money back.
    If anyone says its a “sleeper” they really mean sleeper. The three scenes that make the trailer so hot are the entirety of the movie.
    Count me as extremely disappointed.

  2. I am going to see it tonight, it’s playing at the AMC Yonge and Dundas in Toronto at midnight (Tickets already sold out). For those in Canada who want to see it, that’s the only screen we got.

  3. Totally agree, Talk. Paranormal Activity is very well made, but I really think the screenplay has some problems. It didn’t ring as realistic that people in this desperate of a situation wouldn’t reach out to someone for help and would just accept that the demonologist is on vacation. WTF? Is there only one? They put up with this crap for THREE WEEKS just bitching and moaning that they can’t get away from it. Why? So we can get a movie. When I realized that, it kind of took me out of it too. But still a very solid first entry for the writer/director.

    I actually think Katie Featherston did an effective job but yeah Heather Donahue is much better.

  4. I disagree Audio. I think BWP is more superior in every way. First of all, they had better actors. The woman in Paranormal was terrible. She would actually half smile during some of her serious takes, I’m surprise it wasn’t cut out. The guy was good, but she was really bad, it almost killed the movie for me. Their fights were very unbelievable, an random, an I’ll take the terrified woman crying in the wods over the over acting cry fest in the hallway, in PA.

    Too many random scenes. Even though, it’s supposed to seem real, there was no 3 act structure. They didn’t follow the rules of storytelling either. The amaszing thing about BWP, is they did. THat’s why you think it took forever, they were builing up the suspense for the final kill. In PA, we see the ghost within nthe first 10 minutes, so by the end of the movie, I’m really not that scared; i already know what to anticipate.

    THe only thing PA had on BWP was the special effects, which also took reality out of this film. I coul go on and on.

    1. I agree. The Blair Witch actors showed realistic emotions; fear that was believable. To me, they really seemed like everyday people that I hung out with when I was younger. And a movie like that can only be done once. They created the mold and broke it. Paranormal Activity isn’t a bad film, it just doesn’t evoke any ounce suspense or fear as the trailers would lead you to believe. But maybe that’s my fault, I should have seen it without watching the trailer first.

  5. i was able to watch this in my area last week….a lot of people will love this movie but for me it wasnt what i expected…maybe thats a personal problem…but the whole cam thing didnt really make it scary for me but i did have lots of jumps…just to me it wasnt the scarriest movie…i will save that for Poltergiest.

  6. and to the people who are claiming it is all a PR stunt. to a certain extent but we are lucky to be finally seeing this film at all. I saw it about two years ago. paramount were going to bury this thing. they were going to remake it and this version was never going to see the light of day.
    it has been shelved and had a very long fight to get to this point so it is not entirely a stunt.

    I had given up on it ever seeing the light of day I saw it so long ago now.

  7. Blair witch gets a lot of hate but its a great little horror film that got lumbered with expectations so high that no film could live up to it.
    I saw it before the hype and loved it. I probably would have been let down as well if I had saeen it late in the game after all the hype.

    I have seen Paranormal Activity as well and its a good – GREAT little horror film but the expectations being put on it just like blair witch are going to hurt it as it is not the scariest film ever made and would not crack the top ten scariest films of all time list but its effective, it is scary and it is worth supporting but

  8. I actually do think this was the scariest movie ever made. Of course what is scary to a person is completely subjective much like humor. For instance, The Exorcist didn’t scare me in the least bit. After watching Paranormal Activity I couldn’t sleep at all the first night after. No movie has EVER done that to me, not even as a kid.

    Oh, and even though it seems similar to Blair Witch, I have to say that it is superior in every way. It doesn’t take forever to get to the point; the characters are interesting and believable; the shaky cam is held to a minimum considering the filming style.

    It’s like the Blair Witch fad perfected.

  9. This is just a pr stunt to get people more invested in the movie… it’s going to be released wide no matter what they are saying right now.

    I’ve seen ads for it on television and no studio spends money on tv ads if they’re going to make it a limited release.

    With that said, I think it is a good way to help build the awareness of the film.

  10. “One of the scariest movies of all time” by some of the big horror movie websites, and everyone I know who has seen it just RAVES about it.

    Bullshit. There is only one scariest movie ever made, and that’s The Exorcist.

  11. “Our demands for making this movie a nation wide release shall blot out your hopes to see this in theatres”

    “Then we shall vote in the shade”

    I voteddddd.

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