Transformers 2 Spoilers

This information about Transformers 2 comes to me from a trusted source that reveals what could be a very significant plot detail for the upcoming Transformers movie including some info on Rainn Wilson’s role, and why Sam goes nuts. Check it out… this information comes from the set of the film:

It happens that they were in the classroom scene that was being shot yesterday with Rainn Wilson. The shoot was to cover two separate days within the movie, the first day of classes for Sam, and the second day of class.

On the first day of class, Sam goes crazy just before getting to class for some reason. It seems there is some object that he was exposed to that affected him, our guess is the splinter from the cube. Anyways, Rainn Wilson asks the class to turn to the first page of the text book (which, apparently, Rainn Wilson’s character is the professor of the class AND the writer of the Astronomy text book that they are using in class). Wilson’s character’s name is Professor Colon (pronounced: koh – lawn). Everyone except Sam turns to the first page. Sam, instead, read the entire book in 5 seconds by just flipping through it, then starts telling Wilson’s character about what parts of his book are wrong. He also starts talking about how Einstein was wrong. Sam gets up from his seat and goes up to the chalk board and starts writing a lot of weird symbols on the chalk board (probably Cryptonian). Then he starts asking why nobody understands and then he leaves class. On the second day of class, he apparently returns, but acts less crazy.

The reason we suspect that it is an object he touches that makes him crazy is because there was a scene shot earlier where he was on the phone Fox’s character Mikaela, and he was asking her if she had “it” and then told her to make sure she doesn’t touch “it”. Our guess is the “splinter” (left over piece of the Allspark Cube), but it could be something else, of course.

Oh, and the last scene that was filmed on Wednesday evening was of Sam arriving to class while riding the red motorcycle that people have seen in pictures. I don’t think that proves whether or not it is a Transformer or just a motorcycle, but it could be worthwhile information in the future.

My guess is that it would be a piece of the All Spark that Sam kept after thrusting it into Megatron. That would explain why Optimus Prime thought there was nothing left of the All Spark at the end of the flick.

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311 thoughts on “Transformers 2 Spoilers

  1. I have been a Transformers fan since the original motion picture back in 1986, so naturally when I heard it was coming to the big screen with ‘real-looking’ robots, I was floored! The first movie was okay, but I thought that they dragged out the second one. Who knows what the heck they will do for the 3rd part of this trilogy. Hopefully they’ll bring in Unicron.

  2. I was informed the following from the archives of cybertron..

    here it stated ALL AUTOBOTS are 2nd and 3rd GENERATION TECHNOLOGY and the decepticons are all 1st and beta TECHNOLOGY transformers,


    count me in MEGATRON , i want to transform into a MEGA-ART-BLAH MYSELF and RULE THE UNIVERSE with YA …

  3. Spoiler Alert! Gotta give props to the CGI artists, the robots/fights were awesome, but when characters who were in the first dont contribute just as they didnt in the first that’s bad. Ironhide(weapons specialist) is never shown killing a decepticon let alone shooting at and hitting one, he was so eager to use his “cannons”. He repeatedly attempt to cover sam, but for some reason does absolutely nothing. Rachet(medic)- cant even fix bumblebees voice over both movies, and in fact doesnt show up until half way through the 2nd movie. A character known as jolt (Chevy volt- basically advertising) did more healing then rachet did, and he was such a minor character that no one knew who the heck he was. The only new characters that we’re introduced to were the autobots, Skids, Mudflap, Sideswipe, and the arcees, and the decepticons were the fallen and devastator and the many unnamed. When Skids and mudflap were present throughout the whole movie i was confused as to why they were walking racist stereotypes when autobots are supposed to be sufisticated alien lifeforms. The other known autobots did nothing to contribute except for a sweet entry by sideswipe which shows him cutting a car in half, I don’t think he was a decepticon becuz u think he would stop and fight instead of letting sideswipe chase him down shoot at him and then kill him. The Arcee’s simply did nothing. The fallen is shown as this unstoppable being when he enters the final battle, but optimus makes short work of him and kills him in the 5 minutes he was present. Devastator was just a complete confusion, he is the combination of the constucticons, and some how gets his butt kicked by a tiny autobot for awhile and then is killed in a single shot, wait I thought he was supposed to be amazing. Probably the worst part was the fact that the decepticons seem to be able to duplicate and heal themselves, with duplicates of the constucticons that create devastator running around trying to stop Sam. The showing of Blackout or his true identity Grindor, which Michael bay forgot to explain, and the appearance of bonecrusher in the end, which we all know as the only person to die by the hands of optimus’ sword in the first movie seemed like the icing on the cake of confusion for me. The worst part was just the complete lack of continuity and acknowledgement of time. With random jumps from action to slow witwicky family drama, and the fact that it can be the late afternoon setting that Michael bay is famous for in 4 different places around the world at once. The plot is the most crucial part of a story right? Well not according to Michael Bay, he can change between the many confusing plots that could have developed but never did. Some plots included the need for revenge as the title hints to the need for energon which is supposedly necessary to sustain life. Even though the only transformer I saw suffering from the lack of energon even though the cube was lost long ago was jetfire. So if the cube is lost how did the autobots and decepticons stay in such good condition with no energon. Although this movie could have been epic i feel like someone forgot to edit this and just cut out random parts to shorten it (didn’t do that enough either) and came up with random ways to make the movie work. So Michael bay i hope u enjoyed blowing 280 million dollars on robot fights and big explosions. I hope that someone learns from this horrible catastrophe.

  4. Somehow Sam finds a little bit of alspark. optimus prime dies in the movie but then gets revived in egypt by that little bit of alspark. The bad guy Optimuses brother gets revived from the ocean by other bad guy. The fallen basically make themselfs known to everybody in the world by luanching a live broadcast saying if they dont run sam to them they will destroy earth. Sam was the key to revival because when he touched alspark it gave him knowledge of everything alspark possesed. While being in colledge and seeing strange figures in his mind that project into his eyes, he proved that Einstein was wrong in a theory. Oh and yeah Sams mom thinks she bought some plants for Biology class in colledge, and starts chewing on it, gets high and does random funny shit

  5. Jazz be dead… there is some new Porsce or somthin, a luxury car. Ummm…There are new twins, and tripplets (motocycles) grr..

    1. Yeah jazz was cool I think someone said he was revived. Not sure if it’s true. Huhhh they totaly need to make a shelby gt mustang or a saleen s7 transformer.

  6. No ford mustang in the second movie. What did you guys think of SOUNDWAVE? I personally LOVED him…even though you don’t see him much. I’m sure he’ll be in it more the third film.

    All in all I liked it, I probably would have liked it more if the theater wasn’t 500 degrees. I don’t think it had the same WOW factor as the first movie (not action wise, just holy SH*T that’s OPTIMUS in a live action). I hated HATED the twins and feel we didn’t see enough of the other autobots and of course WAY too many human characters that shouldn’t be there.

    I really wish they did this movie from the transformers perspective more than the humans. Sam’s cool, but that’s pretty much it.

    Although with the quality of the CGI, even Steven Spielberg couldn’t afford a movie with 200 + mins of robot screentime :).

    1. ford mustang come on this movie is pretty much a walking GM advertisment, one character that is hardly seen is JOLT of the chevy volt and does absolutely nothing

      soundwave was tight, it showed how they could know so much in a pretty simple way

      yeah when racist stereotypes are in over half the movie and contribute absolutely nothing to the plot its bad, only bumblebee and optimus kill decepticons and actually do something in the movie

      Sam didnt even need to be in the movie, how did they know that he saw the cybitronian language that the chard put in his mind? and what was the point of the girl terminator/transformers thing, she was obviously sent to kill him becuz he didnt have any connection to the plot until he is upducted after getting away from her.

  7. well the splinter is on Sams jacket he was wearing when he pushed the cube in megatron…he found it while on the phone with mikalea when he was leavin for college…he touchs it and it like shocks him and falls to the floor burning its way to the kitchen…once it lands it makes all the appliances in the kitchen transform…..sam has no idea starts tryin to put out the fire from it goin through the floor….then the appliances get upstairs and starts shooting at sam…sam jumps out his window…him and his dad try hiding…then bumblebee comes out of the garage and shoots the heck out of the house….this movie was awesome…that all happens in like 5 mins of the movies start…

  8. I have seen ROTF twice now and each time it left me thinking, how on earth coudl they possable out do that one for the third film. they pretty much did it all accept rebuild cybertron.

  9. I’m such a nerd that I bought the novelization of the movie that came out before the movie for some reason, so here’s some info.

    The shard Optimus took at the end of the first was given to the U.S. government as a sign of peace. While back at the Witwicky house, Sam’s packing for college and finds his blood, sweat, and dirt covered shirt from the first film, that he hasn’t washed. As he moves it a shard that was not know about falls from it, burns a hole through his floor, falls to the kitchen, hits the ground, and activates, causing various kitchen supplies to come to life and cause havoc. When he touched the shard it causes him to start seeing all the symbols.

    Thats about all I feel like explaining for now.

  10. Everyone is being so negitive!

    ok. Optimus gives same a peice of the Allspark, that they probably thought was harmless, to Sam which it turns out not to be. Somehow it has a weird influance over Sam and Megatron is using this to his advantage. The fight for power over the Allspark, which is now only “The Splinter” begins again and the autobots and the decepticons fight. They also use the power of what is left of the Allspark to (in RUMOR) bring Megatron and the other decepticons and (also in rumor) Jazz back to “life”.

    Its not that hard to understand.
    well just have to see.
    I personally cant wait.
    My little brother is crazy about them. he has all of the toy versions and knows htem all by name, even the ones he hasnt seen on the movies yet. And he’s only 3.

  11. I read something about the characters finding Egyptian hieroglyphics like helicopters, because the Transformers had been to Earth previously, but why would they be helicopters? There were no helicopters then to disguise themselves as so why would they appear as modern machines? FAIL.

  12. I think the trailers that have been released have been a good choice, Many more shots of megan fox and a lot more decepticons, lets face it they are much cooler then the Auto-GM-motor-bots

  13. okay–everyone who is trying to pick apart the details of this and figure out what is going to happen based on the originals–this is a MOVIE which is at best based loosely on the facts. And also being that its a MOVIE, tremendous gaps in the plot are likely, and being that it is, unfortunately, more or less a KID’S MOVIE, there’s all sorts of things that will make an adult go ”wait a minute, that can’t happen because…” They’ll do anything they want with only a mild appearance of making things fit together.

  14. that would explain why prime shouted no sam when megatron died, because he knew if a human was the one to defeat megatron by using the all spark that he would retrieve some of it’s power.

    example…sam going nuts, gaining more information, riding the red cycle instead of his car known as bumblebee, maybe this movie sam turns against the autobots and joins the decepticons and the fact that the red motorcycle is a decepticon, remember there was a motorcycle decepticon in the cartoon series and comic book.

    that would explain why in one of the trailers we all saw the splinter of the cube protected in a cyclinder and by armed guard.

    but anyway, movie looks good but i dont want them to give away to much, in 07 when the 1st live action movie come out i was unaware until i went to the cinema like i always do on a friday, i pick films and watch them, no plans, i went there in august of 07 and saw transformers advertised for a 5pm screening, i watched it and thought it was great.

    revenge of the fallen, i know about i have seen only one trailer and that was while i was watching the superbowl, the trailer appeared.

    looks good and i hope it carries on.

  15. if you all remember at the end of the first film optimus knows there is a bit left of the all spark as he pulls it out of the body of megatron

  16. didn’t optimus take the remaining piece from megatron himself at the end of the movie so wouldn’t that mean he gave it to sam

  17. well, from what ive heard, there’s only going to be a fucking 3rd movie. Damn Bay! but, i heard also that Sam gets some sort of ‘superhuman’ strength or something, and can read a dictionary at mach2. so, be prepared, these are all retarted rumors, even mine maybe, created from gay bitches on, that have nothing else to do except hack computer software, gossip further about movies, adn do larded stuff otherwise. So basically, disowne and disacknowledge anything you here, except true things. sign off.

  18. ok i cant wait for transformers 2 i am so excited
    and if anyone dies its not going to be sam or mikaela because they will need them in 3 4 and 5 like bay said if this ones any good, and no allspark is left, megatron comes back only because the scorpion puts his spark in megatron, he went to the government for testing not into the ocean. and sams grandfather bever touched the allspark he only touched megatron so sam could have gone a bit crazy due to touching the autobots not the allspark cuz everyone else touched it too

  19. jeez, no….Mikaela is not gonna die…she’s too frikin hot. I mean, if any decepticon kills her, they must not have any balls, otherwise, that is what would take up their whole body, after they see her kissing Sam.

  20. I don’t have time to read all the comments so I don’t know if this has been asked but does it look like Mikaela is going to die in Transformers 2!?! Cause movies have done that sort of thing before and I’m going to be pretty pissed if that happens!

  21. First of all, megatron is a bitch of a fucking piece of metal with balls the size of uranus. Ha! get it? ur anus! anyway, he’s a gaywad with no sense of respect or leadership whatsoever, and can burn in the goddamn fiery pits of hell, for all i care. OH, and the autobots do NOT need bigger balls to fight. I think starscream needs bigger ones to have sex with Devastator. He’s gonna need em!!!!

  22. Blah’

    i would know cuz i was one of the few people on this forum that actually was in stores and got the all the original transformer toys when they went on sale…

    so i would have a better judgement of how the transformer story line would continue in REVENGE OF FALLEN…

    who else do you think they are talking about ???? ITS MEGATRON YOU TWITS>……




    btw all autobots needs some upgrades to make there balls bigger so they have a chance to fight the deceptiocons…

  23. I think that Vector Prime can suck my balls, he’s a frikin old timer that’s gay, and he knows nothing. Suck it, Vector Prime!!!!!

  24. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont say that he’ll die! i cant imagine it! screw Vector! just think he’ll cut off his head with his sword like he did with bonecrusher! if he does die, then i will never watch the movie ever again!!! the rest of my childhood will be depressed! Devastator MUST DIE!!!

  25. ok…..i think i understand…the point of not showing another piece that sam would supposedly have so the next movie would have a storyline. Why would they just show that he has a piece..then 2 would be obvious. and obviously prime wouldnt just let him keep it…so its secret?

  26. Actually, jazz’s body was thrown away. not to mention megatrons in the sea. i see no logic in brinigin back a 490900 water pressured piece of fucking shit from the sea to revive it from a bug (scorpnok).

  27. no actually they all fuck the thundercats, fuck the ninja turtles, then marry all of them divorce adn go on a fucking spree.

  28. with any luck its not a shard of the all spark cos that seems kinda repetitive
    it will hopefully be the matrix of leadership
    or something interesting and new
    who knows it could be (and yes this i ridiculous) the corpse of jazz
    only gg knows

  29. wow….very emo. your all fags who make retarted assumptions. Wanna reeeealy know what happns in tf2? listen. prime becomes gay and marries ratchet, leaving bumblebee left out. he kills prime. ironhide takes the splinter adn revives jazz. jazz kills ironhide out of anger of not letting him stay in heaven and get drunk. Sam steals the spark of jazz once killing him, adn he lives happily ever after with his girlfriend after lighting all of the autobots on fire. the end.

  30. Im sorry…im just fag like that… my fav movie is brokeback mountan, holy shit, i didnt even spell it right i most be a fag

  31. fools you are all fools that only know how to speculate.

    this is what will happen in movie #2..

    the sun will rise and it will transform into the biggest fireball of a transformer know in existance his name will be called “FLAME-A-THRON” and he will challenge “UNICRON” to a battle ,
    but just after unicron accepts FLAME-A-THRON’s challenge he gets a call on his cell phone from MEGATRON …it was a old message sent to him just before he was going after the all-spark on EARTH….so know UNICRON is UPSET and heads to EARTH after MEGATRON because he betryed him.

    shortly after in the mOVIE #2 ..sam get laid and has a revelation and improves his commen sence and banished all transformers from EARTH….as soon as SAM sent the email to all of the autobots a decepticon called DEVESTATOR intercepts the email and begins to hack it ..and the autobots gets a mis-leading email instead and in turn this upsets OPTIMUS PRIME….so

    SO optimus prime decides to clone himself …i forget what he calls his clone but he LEAVES earth and doesnt tell SAME about his CLONE and then all HELL BREAKS LOOSE ON EARTH .

  32. Colin, So may I ask
    Do you believe everything posted on IMDB?
    Its a movie site posted by anyone. total public movie database
    NOT an official site for movies

    So, do not believe anything coming from there necessarily. Remember, much false information was leaked on purpose.

    1. Scoops, I agree and disagree with you.

      IMDB is a professional database, and although it does accept public input it is NOT Wikipedia. All information submitted to IMDB has to be confirmed by their staff before they will post it.

      However it is not absolute (even they admit that) and sometimes information might be out of date.

  33. For those who said Megatron will become Galvatron. You are wrong, if you go to the storyline says that the scorpinox uses it’s own spark to bring megatron back to life. Also starscream goes back to get more decepticons.

  34. i think no matter what happen to the movie, its going to be awesome
    coz lot of people wait for this tarnsformers.
    the second is always better than the first, i hope so…..

  35. In the original comics (before the cartoon and spinoffs had even been made) Sam was given the Matrix (same basic thing as the allspark) unknowingly by Optimus to protect it from the Decepticons. It allowed him to construct and deconstruct any mechanical objects in a matter of seconds…It was Sam who gave life to Jetfire (who was built by the Decepticons) and allowed him to become an Autobot. I hear Jetfire is making an appearance? Could they be taking bits from all the different continuums and spicing them together to keep everyone happy? Why else would they bother taking a weak human to Cybertron unless he had the capasity to save it from something (*Unicron I hope).

    Just some thoughts….either way just seeing them on the screen has been a buzz! Visually amazing.

  36. Just one question (or statement) for you all. How can any of the Decepticons be brought back, they are at the bottom of the laurentian abyss, so any other decepticon trying to revive megatron op the like, would also be crushed AND frozen. So that kinda kicks that idea into touch. Also, an earlier comment said, how did bumblebee manage to speak again when ratchet was nowhere near him at the end of the first film? Well, they do have (to quote the movie) self regenerating molecular armour, so it would only be a matter of time before they were a-ok, now then, this may seem to be contradictory in relation to megatron and the other dead decepticons, but, it’s so cold 7 miles and, and the pressure is so great, that even if they did try to regenerate, they would only be instantly crushed yet again…. Also, if the allspark is so tough (watch the intro where asteroids bounce off it) how could it possibly have splintered and gone into sam? Prime had the only fragment left. Crazy idea here, i would love to see the dinobots, but check this, what if they came to earth searching for the allspark, and while in protoform, they crashed, and thats is what caused the huge explosion that destroyed the dinosaurs, but they managed to scan local lifeforms prior to crashing… Then, back in the present, paleantologists unearth them, and they re-activate, sounds mad. But could work! And i reckon they should make all the transformers a little bit more blocky, and less skeletal, it was a bit hard to catch what was doing what to whom! Well, a few comments there, something to ponder though

    1. They do fly through space so i don’t think that transformers would be a sensitive to pressure, or better yet, more resistant to pressure variations compared to humans. And our subs don’t implode when they dive down…transformers for all intents and purposes are metal…but i know that Bay ruined transformers the movie was nothing like the show and bumble bee is a pussy and not a camaro…wish that jazz was a porsche and devastator was made of destructicons… and what the fuck about energon cubes

  37. Isn’t this movie called transformers? I want to see giant robots fighting for three hours not some punk kid going to school.

  38. i think i have an idea on how he can do that

    at the end when he “kills” Megatron some of the All Sparks energy could have been transfered into him but thats just a thought.

  39. No, really? Like i didnt really know what…oh well…….Somethings i heard i hope r not true..Ultra Magnus is a fire truck? that would be kinda crapy and Blaster is a blackhawk? that stupid…a blackhawk….

  40. Dont have AIM.

    Revenge of the Fallen” is directed by Michael Bay and features the likes of Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, John Turturro, Isabel Lucas and Rainn Wilson. The movie set for June 12, 2009 U.S. release resolves around the battle between two alien robot clans, Autobots and Decepticons, where the heroes will be facing a stronger and more powerful villain, the Fallen, which forces them to bring back their foe Megatron to defeat him.

  41. Coool….Hey Joker? Do you have AIM? I would like too chat with you. Maybe about the movie…If you do…Im me…my IM is Giantsfan11703..or if anyone wants too chat…im me. we can chat…And i will tell you about my transformer comics i made… I’ve made like 8 Movies with a short 10 or 15 series books after the movie, then after the seires i make the next movie.

  42. Apparently, Arcee, the female Transformer, doesn’t die in the movie — instead, she doesn’t show up until later on, and she spends most of her time in robot form instead of her three-motorcycles version. Only one character combines with an Autobot to make a bigger robot. The Constructicon is nine vehicles put together, but it’ll only put in a brief appearance. Scorponok is back, and he uses his internal “spark” to restore life to one of the Decepticons. (Gosh, which one could it be?)

    Apparently Soundwave is black, and does not have an Earth mode. (So not only is he not a pick-up truck, he’s nothing at all, in Earth terms.) And the Decepticons mention Soundwave during their discussions.

    And finally, “the Fallen” is an old Cybertronian legend — it’s not one robot but a whole army of robots who are supposed to protect the Cube. When Sam goes bonkers and starts talking gibberish, he’s actually reciting Cybertronian hieroglyphics prophesying the return of the Fallen.

  43. Unicron will not be in transformers 2 maybe just at the end of the movie you might see unicron as a planet. like with starscream at the end of the first movie when he heads back to cybertron.

    megatron is in the movie but the rumor is so is galvatron. for me megatron was the cool. galvatron was ok in the cartoon movie but he sucked big time later on.
    I do think we need to see more of megatron but im sure if galvatron is in this movie he wont suck.

    I can see megatron coming back in a very weak state, so some point he becomes galvatron. rumor is one of unicrons robots comes to earth who is infact the fallen, he is killed off and megatron takes over as unicrons slave and becomes galvertron!!!

    there is going to be a third film so the autobots lose big time in this one weather that means prime is killed off at the end only time will tell

  44. I would like to NOT see Galvatron. I think Megatron is a much better character. As a side note, I was in Walmart and saw a Transformers Universe Galvatron figure as a Tank. I purchased it and put it away for my son for X-mas. When I saw the Galvatron Tank figure, it reminded me a little like the movie rumor – doesn’t it.

  45. Hey Joker, You know what i think happens, One of two things. Megatron does not come back, The Fallen comes too earth, they have a battle Vector Prime comes and kills him, And Unicron rebuilds the fallen intoo galvertron, or, maybe Unicron sends the fallen too earth too rebuild megatron intoo galvertron…And both primes gotta do everything in there power too destroy them…..

  46. yeah I heard that two. soundwave is surposed to transform into a space satellite. skids is in it, there is a car with his name on the number plate during filming.

    megatron looks like he is coming back as galvertron, but whether he comes back as megatron and by the end of the film becomes galvertron. not sure just rumors at this point.

    the megatron tank pictures are fake, they were designs for the first film what he might transform into, they went with the cybertronien space plane

    amaury nolasco (prison break) didnt die in the first movie and was asked to play in the second transformers film, but could’nt due to filming prison break. he could appear in the third transformers movie.

    on a different note…hulk is out on Dvd and as a extra to the dvd, hulk is in the Alps and comes across captain america buried in the snow, you can see his shield and just make out a body buried…very cool!!!

  47. I know how you feel Peter, I too am gay and do “special” things with my dad. Some transformer toys go in just right, if you know what I mean.

  48. Oh BABY! I would like too meet you Uncle and ur DAD they sound hot i what them too DADDY me Up…..oh boy…Not im acking stupid….

  49. why peter? My uncle and dad did the same thing to me too! We are alot alike! I let my dog 2 do me and we get stuck 2gether. Peter are you joking or are we the same, GAY. Can any1 tell me what the allspark is i didnt understand the film? Sorry i never was a fan i just loved wearing my mums gstring thats what my uncle liked

  50. I was mainly into Barbie. Sometimes I would make my Barbies take it in the ass by Prime and Megatron. Just like my dad and uncle do to me.

  51. Vector Prime is in this movie…..I know this cos M.B tells me everything to ask for my permision. the same thing happened with superman returns and men in black 2 they where my ideas and they became the best films ever. then again i am stoned most of the time so i might just be making it up about vector prime

  52. i think scorpenox is the fallen! I dont really know much about transformers it was hard to understand so i never followed it! I loved he-man he was hot. I used to dress like him when i was younger it was really cool. Scorpenox comes saves megatron

  53. I think in this film hot rod kills prime, the dinobots come to help but cos they r so stupid they cant find earth and land on the sun and melt! Hot rod takes the matrix sticks it in his but and becomes rodumesbutt! Then he dies and comes bck as a flower

  54. There r 10 robots each on both side! 4 autobots that survived the 1st film. Thats 4 we need 2 work out the other 6, arcee, prowl, superman, batman, captain america, hulk! Thats 10! The decepticons now, megatron, scorpenox, soundwave, starscream, darth vader, joker, chucky, lex luthar, hanable lector, predator! 10 vs 10, now what we should be asking who would win! The winners would be sucked off 1 by 1 by megan fox!

  55. Well i dont know wat alot of you are thinking but there was a interview on movie or someshit basically soundwave does not bring megatron back to life. actually optimus and the autobots do that.the new corvet is sideswipe they already confirmed it. the auto bots bring megatron back to life to help defeat the fallen. he is a cybertronian tank like a cybertronian jet i guess. fuckn stupid if u ask me just have him be a dam tank. devastator the real one is confirmeed for this movie its everywhere on the internet and the are making a toy package with them that cost 50 bucks. goto this site has actuall facts and it has a pic of what devastator might actually look like. jazz does come back and i havent read anything bout hotrod i would love to see him he is my fav character. but i doubt hell be in this one. no dino bots.sorry grimlok lovers. please do ur research vector prime are u serious hes in the new cartoon transformers not the old one u num nuts. the twins are the chevy beat and trax.

  56. Megatron is confirmed for this movie in the form of a tank. Rebecca is right, Prime pulls the splinter out of Megatron. He grasps it tightly, but we don’t know if he crushed it or not. If it did anything still, u would think he would use it to revive Jazz. I am excited and can’t wait for it to be released. I also wonder what happened to the machines transformed by Sam running through the street with the cube that were effected (Escalade, X-box, & the Mountain Dew machine). I’ve seen the tow truck used to pull Bumble Bee around as a toy in the store. I can’t think of his name right now.

  57. Seems amazing, although Sam’s not the one that pulled the splinter from Megatron. Optomus Prime pulled it from his brothers’ chest, and that’s the last that we see of it. Assuming the rest is right, it’ll be another greatly produced movie, and there will be another box-office hit.

  58. Well i remember reading something about Shia’s charater “Sam” will die in the movie. But… his body will be transformed into a transformer. Half human, half robot.

  59. I always thought the allspark was actually a prison for Unicron and by Sam pushing it into Megatron it opens it,Unicron rebuilds himself from parts of Megatron then unicron rebuilds megatron into Galvatron,creates him an army and send him to destroy this Splinter, the movie version of the Matrix of leadership, wouldnt that be cool?..

  60. So the name of the movie is the “Revenge of the Fallen,” and there is the character of “The Fallen” in the Transformers world. He’s one of the original 13 Transformers, and he sided and worked with Unicron. (God, I’m such a nerd…)

    Anyway, I don’t know if The Fallen will be in this movie or not, but I do know that Michael Bay has admitted the threat in the second film will be on “a global scale.” So is there any chance Unicron will be in this film? How badass would that be to see a live-action version of the Planet Eater…

    …hopefully it would be better than the lame Galactus in the last Fantastic Four movie. That was such a let-down…

  61. The power rangers come and save the autobots. I read a secret script found in the trash. No Hot Rod or Galvitron please, they are stupid. Keep it original with others mixed in (Scorpinok, Barricade,ETC…). That works, need Prime and Megatron with Prime being stronger than he was against Megatron in the first movie. Lots of fighting robots, some have to die or it will be boring. The Fallen will be killed by Omega Supreme at the end and a sacrifice made by another…..stay tuned.

  62. i’ve noticed that new Transformers toys are appearing in stores already. often one can glean information about upcoming movies from the toy lines being released.

    the graphic novel that was released as a “prequel” to the transformer movie depicted bumblebee and arcee as partners/compatriots. seems reasonable that arcee might be in the next movie. while sam is riding around in bumblebee, mikayla will be riding around on an arcee motorcycle? mikayla was already shown riding a scooter in the first movie.

    it’s fun to speculate on what might appear in the next movie. it’s difficult to back up any of the speculation with confirmed info though.

  63. The twins start out as the icecream truck but I have a feeling that they are the chevybeat and the chevy trax. If Arcee is the bike, we might see Blur who could possibly be the silver corvette concept car or the audi that is being chased. Remember that mirage was a spy for both autbots and decepticons later in the original series. There was originaly supposed to be ten robots on both sides but I have a feeling we will see more than that. I think think that the robots parts will be more but cut down to small micro-stories throughout the film.

  64. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)

    I Think that lazerbeak is the frenzy looking character on the hood of sams car. Ravage may or maynot make an appearnce in the new movie. Jazz I believe is the new correvette. WheelJack is the saab areo-x you might see prowl, no dinobots though, maybe in the third but I dont see that happening. There is confirmed evidence showning that there is a red Ferri that will probably be hot rod but he will have a limited role like in the original movie you didnt see him but maybe a couple of times. As for the allspark fragment that prime had, it is dead because he uses it to fix BumbleBee. There is a rumor that Tidalwave might be in the movie as an aircraft carrier, that would be awsome. The fallen refers to one of the original thirteen transformers created by primus not all the dead transformers. Megatron will be back as will Blackout, Decepticon Brawl. The Constructicons will not be in this movie or the next one.

  65. Well at the end of TRANSFORMERS, Optimus Prime held the so-called slinter in his hand and clenched it. If you refer back to where Megatron was destroyed.

  66. Hotrod is probably the new corvette, but the Motorcycle is ARCEE she is a female autobot. Soundwave is in this one, so is Ultra Magnus, but most of the rest are hush hush.

  67. Well 4 all who hate spoilers pleases do not read. Here’s the plot, what happened at end off movie? Starscream after losing his battle flys off like the coward he is he goes back to where all the other decepticons are after fleeing the fallen planet where they reside form. To run into Soundwave (one off my favorites along with Megatron gun form of course), who as we all no is Megatron right hand robot. Soundwave asks Starscream where their great leader is. Starscream then tells all Megatron has fall to Prime and the Autobots, and he is now ruler of the Decepticons. Upon receive the news Soundwave dispacthes Laserbeak to find Megatron’s remains. Upon reaching earth Laserbreak finds Skorpinok who team up to find Megatron. Now as Sam arrives at college he is feeling strange he can see things more clearer, read a book in ten seconds, understand the robots struture and how they can transform. Let’s go back to the first movie remember when sam’s grandpops falls in the hole and he touches megatron and reactivates is tracking system megatron shows his grandpop the history of the Transformers, which will be brought to light in TF2.At the end to TF1 when sam is placeing the allspark into Megatron sam is hit with the history of the transformer giving him his hin-sight now. Now let’s go back to the plot of TF2 Sam now has the ability to fix & repair & modifes the tranformers. while sam & his roomate sigha are even the big lights of the great NYC, an old nemesis arrives Barricade which is now a undercover police car.

  68. What ever happens, I think it will be great! What’s up with this Reign of Starscream comic. I need to get my hands on it to follow what is happening in between the movies. I went to a book store last weekend and can’t find it. Please no Galvatron in any of the movies.

  69. probably thats frigen stupid its iight im wrong cuz do u kno who the fallen is he is kinda like a follower and protector of unicron u kno wat that means in this movie or the next galvatron, unicron, rodimus prime, dino bots, only one thing it has ben confirmed that devestator will be in this movie wtf how they gonna do it wit out bonecrusher. also i think megatron will become galvatron at the end of the movie because the fallen is going to die DURHhhh
    and unicron needs someone to kill prime. u feel me comments sujestions anyone

  70. Brian C, I guess “The Fallen” doesn’t refer to Megatron. There goes your theory of a return of all the dead transformers. I know Megatron will be back, but he’ll be the only one.

  71. I think the red Chevy might be cliffjumper and the green one might be brawn? and the Corvette might be springer or hotrod and the off road bite looks like it might be prowl…but who knows

  72. the way that i see it is 3 is th magic number . trilogy . megatron returning in th 2nd movie at to tea it all off unicron has to b in the 3rd and last t,f movie. making up to 4, 5 movies is just waisting agood thing. av grew up with this dnt fuck it up M.B. cnt wait

  73. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so) did ne 1 eles find it enoying how optomus got flung about like a doll in the 1st one. megatron and him were always a match 4 each other its the wae it was . hope to c hot rod in nxt 1

  74. hey, mb today revealed that the “splinter” idea was fan made. He decided it was too harsh to lead them that astray and as much as he has leaked info this was too far off and that the official script remains under wraps. He also again reminded us when the tie comes he will release the all the transformers appearing in TF2. So please wait and don’t try hacking his computer for info, it isnt on there.

  75. I have heard many, many sides to the plot, but I personally can’t believe any of them until I see it for myself.

    To me, Transformers rocked. I was seriously awestruck.
    And I do wish to believe Megatron will be back, because…Dude, I mean, what’s a Transformers movie without Megatron? I mean, seriously…

    But, all I hope is that Michael Bay doesn’t screw this up. I don’t believe he’s screwed up before, of course, but I just hope this won’t be a big let down.

    I suggest we all just wait and see. =/


  77. nah tre i undastand we all herd it but they confirmed tht megatron is in it again the real mb said it and i read the official scrpt on where megatron comes bak. soundwave brings him back to life and ha to continue to give him energy until they get the matrix

  78. What Mbay said about Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is what I heard too. I don’t know about Unicron in Transformers 4 and 6. OMG 6 Transformers movies!!! Kill me now!!!

  79. i can see that that fool needs to get off this site lmao cuz if he was serious i was gonna find him and literally smash that niggahz face in. and kick him in the nuts lmao

  80. Just confirmed, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen won’t have a Megatron. Starscream will take the lead during this movie. Soundwave will find and resurrect Megatron during the ending credits. Also Unicron will be making an appearance in Transformers 4 during flashbacks. His attack on earth, not cyberion, won’t happen til Transformers 6.


  81. i agree with both pf u captn and neverenderbut u also gotta remember michael bay said this movie will be more like the origanal series. and idnt think im wrong on this but i could be jazz never dies bonecrusher never dies. to build devastator which is a confirmed robot in this movie no not the tank the real devastator to build it u need bone crusher and like someone said they are able to rebuild themselves like barricade did at the beginging of the movie. when he was literally discombobulated when bumble bee beat the crap out of him. ant barricade and starscream cant be considered fallen cuz they never died, yes megatron will return we all kno that but i belive that jazz will to and so will bonecrusher because like i said to build devastator u need bone crusher, and to be like the origanal series u need jazz he never dies, technically no one ever dies for example member when optimus prime was dead in the comic and in the cartoon they just rebuilt his ass lmfao. so as long as they can rebuild robots like prime they can do the same for jazz and megatron and bonecrusher, skorpinok never died we seen him escape and i dont think he transforms, cuz that would be a predacon not a decepticon then u gotta thro all these beast wars crap in there and that shit is confusing i think scorpinok is gonna give megatron his spark nd soundwave will bring him back to life like many people said.

  82. I also think “The Fallen” refers to Megatron and don’t beleive they will bring back all the dead transformers. Then you know they can’t die and is no point on killing anyone off. But, I could be wrong. I would like to see new transformers introduced along with the ones still alive. Scorponok was never seen in his robot form and Barricade is still out there. Soundwave is a great addition and I would like to see him bring back Megatron (which I agree, we only saw for the last 30 minutes or so in the first movie) he needs to be back for the second movie.

  83. One thing I notice, is that on several sites as ‘confirmed information’, one of the themes of Revenge of the Fallen is that:

    “A key character from the first movie would make a dramatic comeback and attempt to settle a score”

    I take from this that only -one- of the deceased characters will be brought back. I’d assume that character to be Megatron as he is and has always been the main antagonist of the Transformer series(the ones where he was involved).

    Or it could be Starscream coming back to Earth. Who knows. I’m really just in anticipation mode. Having to wait a year is going to kill me.

    Also none of the ‘leaked’ lists mention Blackout, Bonecrusher or Jazz as being brought back. I wouldn’t think that they’d bring back every minor character if they were planning to introduce as many new characters as they say. Can’t trust any of these ‘spoiler’ posts and blogs and what-not.

    Who knows! I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out.

  84. You are correct Neverender thats true. ALot of people forgot that part. Revenge of the Fallen break that title down. revenge we all know wat that means. fallen and we know wat that means so all the fallen robots from both sides including bonecrusher and jazz will be brougtht back/rebuilt by there commrades, also megatron knows with out bonecrusher they cannot form devastator so of course hes gonna bring back bonecrusher to form the terrifying devastator…….

    Hense the title Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

    Also Neverender you are correct about the three movie thing. one problem Michael Bay has been talkn about not 3 movies but 5 because there is so much in the transformers universe. from g1 to transformers cybertron. i know the newer series are kinda gay especially that there done in CGI. But none the less they are transformer series. like for example Hot Shot not Hot rod they are 2 totally diff autobots, hot shot been in the series sense g3 i belive when transformers aired on foxkids network. But forget about that to far into the future. But yea i think the bad guys will wiin in this one, the good guys will win in the third, and unicron is introduced as well as the dino bots, in the fourth galvatron is introduced, and wants the matrix blah blah blah same as the cartoon movie and in the fith rodimus kills unicron….. thats wat i think.

  85. By the way, I keep reading people mention his grandfather(great grandfather I believe) being driven crazy from touching the Allspark.

    To my knowledge, he never touched it. He was driven crazy when he landed on Megatron’s hand and the coordinates or whatever shot out of Megatron’s eyes and into his.

    Didn’t they say they built the hoover damn around the Allspark to shield it’s energy? I think that is where it crashed so long ago, because it was definitely too big for them, in the era when it was found.

    Just a thought.

  86. Personally, I thought the first movie was awesome. I didn’t really care that they didn’t look exactly like the transformers from the ’80s cartoon. I was just totally excited to finally have a giant transforming robots movie. I thought Bay did an excellent job with it and as a fan, the only way he could improve on it would be to include more giant transforming robots.

    I love reading the speculations when they seem to be presented by real fans, rather than people throwing out impossible scenarios. Most of the stuff that I’ve seen suggests there will be around 10 transformers per side, which is totally cool for me. I’d rather them have 10 reasonably in-depth transformers than 20 or 30 per side that they barely touch on.

    In my opinion and preference, I hope that “Revenge of the Fallen” implies that they bring Megatron back. In any incarnation of Transformers, Megatron is the biggest and most important enemy. I can’t see them only including him in the final 20-30 minutes of the first film of the series. Maybe it will be like the other trilogies where the good guys win in the first movie, the bad guys make a comeback in the second and then in the third, there is final conflict and the good guys come out on top? Keeping true to the ten transformers per faction, I hope Megatron, Starscream and Barricade make re-appearances and we are treated to 6-7 new Decepticons.

    As far as speculations on the Constructicons (Destructicons?) being in the movie.. I really don’t see how they can translate that unless they don’t go into the individual members names and call the combined robot something completely different. Bonecrusher was the bulldozer in the original series who formed Devestator’s (the Construction’s combined robot) left arm.

    Perhaps the transformers have some method of repairing themselves over time, because Bumblebee thuroughly thrashes Barricade, yet he appears during the chase – and seems totally fine. The same way with Bumblebee’s vocal systems, they are wrecked throughout the movie until the end when they repair on their own.

    These ‘spoilers’ and ‘speculations’ are entertaining, but whatever the outcome – I’m sure this movie is going to be one that I enjoy and will eagerly anticipate until it’s release.

  87. I think hotrod will be the same as he was in the cartoon. going after Megs…that would be cool….a one on one Hotrod and Megatron

  88. appreciate the things on the dvd captn i will take a look at it hot rod my fav cuz hes a young punk and i personally think prime is overated. he dont back down from nothing. he mad cool. over all he seems like the type of character everyone can relate too u kno

  89. Actually Brian C, Hot Rod was only in the movie, he was Rodimus Prime after that through that one season and became Hot Rod again when they brought Prime. They got so much hate mail from fans on killing off Prime and bringing in Rodimus that the show failed and had to bring back Prime. Check out the extras on the DVD and it explains this. Also, there is an unaired episode from Japan that is on the disk that is prior to the movie that introduces Ultra Magnus, Metroplex and Trypticon. Check it out if you have it, you sound like you know alot about Transformers so I expect you do.

  90. When I say “original”, I mean prior to the cartoon movie. Before all that Galvatron Bullsh?t. The movie was OK, but was missing alot of Transformers from it. I have the DVD and it has some pretting cool extras. How is Hot Rod your favorite when he was only in one season of that Transformers and the movie? Besides he got Prime Killed.

  91. Hot Rod is the best i thought the origanl series hot rod was in it. if you mean origanal comics hot rod was in it and the series well the animated 80’s cartoon hotrod was in that too. also he became the leader of the auto bots when prime was killed in the movie. in the series they bring back prime its ok he comes back to life

  92. I do not want to see Unicron in this movie, maybe in the third. I don’t think Hot Rod will be a red Mustang, the movie has a deal with chevy and GMC cars. Actually, I don’t want to see Hot Rod in this movie either, he is a Puss! I would like to see the first 3 movies based on the original series.

  93. I hear. Magnus is a fire truck. Brawn is a green hummer. Hot Rod is a Red Mustang, Prowl is a chevy volt and Cliffjumper is not in this…BOOOO!!! And i think it would be great if they make blaster a Tank. but i dont think they will. they already have brawl.. and they need too make springer a helicopter some how…maybe a blackhawk or a coastguard….we need autobots who can fly…

  94. First off;

    Why is everyone so down about the first transformers and how horrible it was? Personally I found it to be completely amazing with the amazing special effects and not to mention they did recieve an oscar nomination. I found it the best movie of ’08 and I never even heard of Michael Bay until the movie but I thought he did one hell of a job with a strong cast and what I found to be no story line holes.

    Second off;

    However that everyone has numerous sources of this “leaked script” does anyone actually have one that was confirmed? There are hundreds of them and they all mention a lot of the same stuff but it does change up key parts in all of them. So until I hear of a confirmed one don’t get too caught up over this because some people get a kick out of fooling everyone.


    Sam did recieve part of the AllSpark inside of him. If I am not mistaken he was cut by the object and if you go back to when his great grandfather touched the spark he also had mental problems then on too (As mentioned by someone earlier). So that probably could lead up to a key part of the story.

  95. There will be an attack by Unicron which resurrects Megatron and he will become Galavatron Killing Optimus Prime and Hot Rod will end up at Rodimus Prime…


  96. barricade dissapeared skorpinok and starscream did as well.we all kno skorpinok is going to revive megatron wit soundwave. and starscream went to cybertron to get shock wave and more decepticons. barricade is still after bumblebee cuz it is like a rivalry between them to in the comics to. also dino bots are not gay jack ur gay and no u dont rape transformers for all we kno u have a transforming dildo u like to technically u get rapped by transformers. barricade is going to be on megatrons and soundwaves side along with the constructicons and yes bonecrusher and brawl. and a few more. and he will gain starcreams troops once he kills starscream. jazz will return hense the title revenge of the fallen all the dead will be brought back how the hell u gonna make the real devestator with out bonecrusher and also how u gonna kill brawl who neva dies and jazz who neva dies and megatron we seen him a whole 10 mins
    of the movie wtf. trust me they will all be back along with alot more its gonna be great

  97. No, Jack I don’t think he has gone by both Brawl/Devastator. In the original cartoon they were 2 different Decepticons, if talking about some Japanese cartoon or new comic book then you are gay. If you don’t know the answer then don’t make sh?t up..U Cock or U Sap.

  98. CAPTN! Barricade did just dissapear didnt he lol. They reffered to brawl as devestator because thats his name u cock. Brawl/Devastator. He has always gone as both u sap.

  99. yer ur rite mac optimus takes it from megatrons remains. i think starscream is going to go back to cybertron and rally up more deceptacons to come back to earth to beat the autobots. Skorponok is going to use his spark to reignite Megatrons. More autobots will come to Earth after Primes message at the end of T1. I hope they dont bring the dinobots into it their lame. I also think they should make Optimus and Megatron have another showdown which will be good but make Optimus better i thought he was amazing against all the Deceptacons until he got to Megatron then he sucked willy. Jazz will be rebuilt stronger this time i have heard all this from reliable source and not to mention the fact i rape transformers.

  100. I do wonder what happened to Barricade. He was on the Highway with Bonecrusher in the chase seen, but after Bonecrusher and Prime fought you never saw Barricade again. I’m hoping Bay releases an extended DVD that has extra scenes to answer questions like this. I’m still confused on why they refered to Brawl as Devestator in the Movie, this will cause problems with a Constructicon story line. I don’t think Jazz will be back, you have to kill off some of the characters to make it interesting, bring in Prowl or Mirage as replacement. I also liked Hound “the Jeep”.


  102. I would like to see the Dinobots in the 3rd installment, have 5 comets crash behind a museum with a Dino exhibit or something, fans want to see the Dinobots. I think 2nd one will be great due to the fact that most of the main charactors have been introduced just like what Brian C said. As long as there are many scenes with Autobots and Decepticons fighting it will be good. I hope there is no Galvatron, I will be disappointed. No Hot Rod either please.



  105. Here is what I think! Starscream goes to Cybertron and finds some kind of energy simalar to the allspark! Then he builds a team! But what he does know is that megatron has been rebuilt by the cube and figures out about starscream and wants to take back what he started and he goes to kill starscream but then he thinks that he can go fight prime alone and win! oh and by the way they still have the glasses may be a part! Maybe sam tried them on and doesn`t want Fox going crazy like he did!

  106. Brian are you high? What comic are you reading where the Dinobots have joined together to form one giant Dino?
    Anyway I agree with Boba, unless Bay actually let’s the Transformers have mroe dialog it might be ok. But then again they are letting hte guy who wrote the first one write htis one and well, the plot was total ass so don’t expect much. I mean already the title proves how limited Bay is…how many movie titles have “Revenge” in them now?

  107. Here’s a spoiler: No matter how much money they spend, no matter how good the script is, no matter how talented the actors are, no matter how kickass the special effects are (ILM was robbed)- the movie will never be anything better than mediocre because Michael Bay is and always will be a talentless hack.

  108. I’m talking about the original cartoon, isn’t that what Bay said it would be more like? Not new comics, original is the best. No reason to bring them back except for Megatron. There are enough transformers to put on the big screen besides those.

  109. ok captn umm yes the dinos form one giant dino check the new comics. and destructicons is wat they were called in the g1 comic. then changed to constructicons in the g1 series and g2 series. thats why its called revenge of the fallen bonecrusher is gonna come back dee dee dee. all the dead decepticons and autobots are gonna come back to life

  110. Once again like mentioned earlier, it is “constructicons” not “destructicons” and the dinobots were built before the constructicons, not built to fight them. The Dinobots did not join together to form a giant dinosaur. Why was the Tank (Brawl) refered to as “Devastator” in the movie. If they did use the constructicons, how would they get around that, and also Bonecrusher was a constructicon in the cartoon that was killed in the movie. Brawl was a combaticon in the cartoon, I guess no Brutikus either.

  111. actually sorry C.K i dont belive that many reasons one Michael Bay aka MB said this movie will be more like the 80s cartoon. Which means they have to bring back jazz cuz jazz never died so to kill him off so early is crazy. 2 its called revenge of the fallen which means all the dead come back to life even jazz. 3 MB also said there was going to be alot of false information put out there to keep fans guessing even by him. So him “saying” jazz wont be back could be a lie and im sure it really is a lie. i wont trust that statement until it is in black and white. Also yes the twins become the chevy beat and chevt trax. this works like this they basically are young transformers even more crazy than hot rod was. They are learning from bumble bee. also i hope hot rod is in this one like my friend M.B said. That would be great he and grimlock are my fav transformers of all time. Dont get me wrong i love the new bumble bee and ironhide. but hot rod takes the cake. anyone else reconize how iron hide has a head like a animal. that confused the fuck out of me when i first watched it. LMAO. From wat i have been researching jetfire is a decepticon and then turns to a autobot i mean it is true to the story but dam idnt wanna see that lol. also it brings me to belive sense if there is devestator and destructicons and dino bots wat about the insecticons hmmmm they play a big part too…. but idc about them dam insecticons i wanna see hot rod, soundwave which is a deffinite, dinobots (grimlock), shock wave.

  112. opening sequence. An old beat up ice cream truck split in two to form two smaller Transformers called The Twins. But we haven’t seen the Ice Cream Truck back in action since the Bethlehem Steel shoot which leads us to believe that The Twins might have found a new auto form, possibly as the Chevy Trax and Chevy Beat. But then again,

  113. The opening scene, which has been filming at an old steel factory in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, takes place in in Shanghai, China. The Autobots are hunting down a Decepticon Audi R8. This group of Autobots is made up of The Twins, an ice cream truck that splits into two smaller bots, Arcee, a hot pink female motorcycle bot, Wheels, a go-kart bot, Stinger, possibly a Porsche, and Ironhide, the GMC pickup truck and weapons specialist from the first Transformers. They chase down the R8 but don’t end up catching him, which is a bit crazy considering it was five-on-one situation. But you can imagine how incredible this opening scene will be anyway.

    Sam and Mikaela head to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum to activate yet another robot. This is where things get really exciting. Apparently they reactive a SR-71 Blackbird, which transformers into the robot named Jetfire. Originally, Jetfire just turned into another standard jet (specifically an F-14) like Starscream, but I love that they’re using other various models for different transformers instead of turning them all into F-22’s like Starscream. That’s all the details there are so far, but the idea of seeing a Blackbird as a transformer is amazing. Now you just throw in the rumored Constructicons, and we’ve got one hell of an awesome Transformers sequel in the works!

    Frenzy is back, chasing after a silver astra

  114. Hey Jason D. Shut the fuck up and mind ur business iight. Geesh if u didnt notice this is a blog where people put there sense in to what might happen in transformers 2. U dont like it go suck a monkeys ass. Anywayz MB that sounds like a great plot idk if its true but like i said mikaela will not die she cant megan fox is to hot and she is already signed on for the third movie. But its kool how at the end she lives in what u say but u kno prime aint gonna die till the end when he fights megatron. thats part 3 when unicron comes. umm also the whole plot seems really good except the fact i dont think hot rod shows up in this movie. like MB said that this movie will be more like the cartoon. well it aint cuz if it was hot rod would have ben sams car not bumble bee. and u cant make this movie like that now. unless hot rod is mikaelas car but she will be driving arcee. but like i said i think it is a greatt story i can really see it come to life b4 my eyes…….

  115. Brian C… are you like 6 or something? You should really quit worrying about what is or isnt going to happen in Transformers 2 and go get some education.

  116. parts i have been left out, the stealth jet, starts out as a decepticon but becomes a autobot. arcee is on earth and helps sam get around more easy in new york, bumblebee is left more and more alone.

    sector 7 has a 32m underground base in las vegas where they have used and still using the allspark energy running throuth pipes.

    final battle takes place there.

    simmens is working in a casino but its under cover.

    army help out in the battle.

    there is a car chase in the begin where the stealth jet comes to life.

    scorpinox is alive and with soundwave finds megatron

    the splinter power dies out

    sam acts normal and shows no signs of the allspark after acting strange in lesson.
    more to it in t3

  117. Starscream returns to cybertron to claim him self king. starscream rallys the decepticons to attack earth.

    few still loyal to megatron lead by soundwave decide to bring megatron to life, take nemesis a spaceship and head in search of megatronon earth!

    Back on earth sam and his folks are helping him move into his dom in new york. first day sam acts strange and starts writing cybertonian and reads a book in 5mins. next day he is fine, he calls mikaela and tell her not to touch the spinter. bumblebee is finding it hard in new york with all the traffic, sam walks and takes bus’s to get around so he can fit in leaving bumblebee more and more.

    sam tells prime to look after Mikaela Banes while he is in new york. sam is trying to build a sports car as a present for mikaela
    the goverment is keeping a close eye on mikaela on any new autobots she meets after what happened two years ago there are only a few at the moment.

    mean while u.s ship is in the arctic and picks up a ship on raider….its nemisis, the spaceship hits the ocean causing a wave knocking over the U.S ship!
    soundwave finds megatrons body dead beaten and cold. soundwave is like a healer. when megatron absorbed the allspark his system went into shock and thus shut down; the equivalent of an overdose. soundwave through pulses of sound energy and using nemesis which is part energy storage vessel resurrects megatron. but megatron is now dependant on soundwaves energy. this is why resurrections are so rare. in a attempt to exploit primes compassion for human race, members of megatrons faction are dispersed to capture sam intent on using him as leverage.

    a protoform collides into the break waters just off malibu.
    a high profile action movie director whips his ferrari f430 to the side of the road. as the mechanoid emerges from the shore, scanning the ferrai, the autobot hot rod takes form and peels out across the highway.
    hot rod locating prime delivers the news of starscreams imminent attack for energy on earth. hot rod knows the coordinates gathered during his reconnassance from the opening scene on cybertron.
    prime sends hot rod with mikaela ahead as he can get to the coordinates faster. they need her to confront a old friend, primes orders are not without warning through, by virtue of his dept to sam mikaela is priority number 1.
    they are heading for las vegas nevada.
    prime sends out an emergency order to all autobots in the stars and earth to head to las vegas. bumblebee receives the orders.
    mikaela meets up with agent simmons and tells him to tell her everything about sector 7 prime and co show up.

    sector 7s scientists had developed the means to harness visable energy from the allspark. into a unique pumping unit so pwerfull that it can distribute the allsparks energy throughout the united states. thus the city of lights was established.

    sam and bumblebee and shiga are still driving to las vegas, sam falls asleep, shiga wakes up and is shocked to see sam asleep behind the wheel. shiga shouts wakes sam up, whose explanation of the cars auto pilot feature seems to suffice…. shige has to get an american car awesome!!

    sam and shige stop at a dinner the lady welcomes them, sam says they came from new york the lady says your lucky and points to the tv,,,the footage plays of a building in lower manhattan being destroyed by a giant robot. not just any building but sam and shiges dorm. sam calls mikael to warn her.

    solemnly, prime looks to his chest.

    the allspark gives life the creation matrix gives soul. its with out the matrix the allspark produced mindless primal beasts. hence the cell phone the xbox. even the decepticons are absolute in their origin, the path of evil is there choice.
    this is why megatron needs the matrix and why he sent a decepticon to sams dorm.

    theres a meteor crater. where sam bumblebee and shige are. 6 construction vehicles, and they are transforming forming into 6 monsters but they aint done as people watch in horror, all 6 former into one….DEVESTATOR..people run from there cars. bumblebee and co run with devestator giving chase. a frieghtliner is heading towards them its skids and cars off the back fall off but dont hit the ground they transform and so does the freightliner…Ultra Magnus and company to the rescue.

    they knock devestator to the ground. ultra magnus is the best worrier in the autobot army. sam wishes shige was equally fearless as he just pissed his pants.
    theres a big boom one of devestaors legs is blow off devestor cant function without all six, it gives the autobots time to get the hell out of there. before devestaor can form again..!!

    the battle begins starscream attacks and the megatron attacks with the autobots and the army and sector 7 deffending near they hidden base 32m underground…………………tell the rest of this part soon. big part of the battle happens and after……………………………………

    later in the battle prime is holding his deffence hot rod runs ahead prime orders him to hold his deffence but hot rod dont listen, soundwave sends a pulse and gets prime of guard. soundwave pins prime to the ground opens his chest and rips the matrix out.
    megatron inserts the matrix into his chest. the resurrection is complete.
    megatron turns his attention to supremacy of the decepticons, megatron thirsts upon his vengeance for starscream.

    starscream and megatron has a dogfight over the grand canyon.
    megatron wins but makes an exsample of starscream dragging him. megatron pins starscream for all to see as if performing a crucifixon megatron totures the challenger to his throne, disemboweling him.

    with the final few autobots defeated and forced on the run.

    arriving at ellisons compound, ultra magnus carries an ailling prime on his trailer. even so sam cant help blame prime for mikaels death. and starts hitting primes body with bloody fists as he falls to his kness crying out. hot rod watches with regret. this is his alone to make right. back toward the fallen city of vegas. bumblebee stops him, prime is like a father to us all. those beaten still stand ready to join hot rod.

    mikaelas eyes flicker open with life. as she comes too she is under a dead decepticon among the debris, saved by his forcefield as his allspark dying out the forcefield wears off.
    as she stands up she turns and sees vegas demolished beyond recogniton.

    the heroes journey has only just began

    parts of the script are subject to change during filming

  118. Man, this forum sure does have some [email protected] douches, claiming to know so much, yet type in one nice run-on sentence. Really, no matter what they do, the sequel can’t be much more stupid than the original. But, then again, the entire concept of Transformers as a live-action movie is stupid in itself. It just doesn’t work, and if half of you could have done it ‘your way’, it would have been, by far, an even worse film than Bay made.

    Note: Primus was not originally created for whatever shitty cartoon series he appeared in. Primus was the brainchild of Simon Furmon, probably the best TF writer of all time, and the guy who actually made the comics not suck. Primus and Unicron were more-or-less gods, and Primus tricked Unicron into inserting his spirit/soul into a planet, by doing the same himself. Unicron wasn’t happy, and used his power to allow him to move to go take revenge on Primus. Primus, however, used his energy to create the Cybertronians and the Creation Matrix, to stop Unicron when he came. Primus never turned into a robot.

    How can Sam have the Splinter of the AllSpark? Well, how can living alien robots come to earth and transform into cars?

    Now, if you really want to complain about a movie you haven’t even seen yet, go find a forum for the upcoming GI Joe movie. Now THERE is some fun. The whiners there apparently want them to yell “Yo Joe!” all the time and for Cobra Commander to have such incredible plans as using people’s car radios to mind control the world. Sounds dumb, right? Now think of how a live-action GI Joe movie SHOULD be made so that it’s not incredibly 80s gay, and that’s what it looks like they’re making.

  119. The battle for Earth has ended but the battle for the universe has just begun. After returning to Cybertron, Starscream assumes command of the Decepticons, and has decided to return to Earth with force. The Autobots believing that peace was possible finds out that Megatron’s dead body has been stolen from the US Military by Skorpinox and revives him using his own spark. Now Megatron is back seeking revenge and with Starscream and more Decepticon reinforcements on the way, the Autobots with reinforcements of their own, may have more to deal with then meets the eye.

  120. The opening of Transformers 2 takes place at a Steel Factory in Shanghai, China (filmed in Bethlehem, PA), where the Autobots, the British SAS (Matthew Marsden as “Graham” and Andrew Howard) and Captain Lennox’s Military team (Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson) are chasing after a Decepticon Audi RS8.

    The autobots include a pair of robots called The Twins, which join together to form an Ice Cream Truck.

    A hot pink ninja style motorcycle with black highlights which turns into Arcee

    Go-cart named Wheels / Wheelbot and Stinger (possibly a Porsche)

    Sam uses something called the “Splinter” (maybe a tiny piece of the alspark?) to activate the SR-71, which transforms into Jetfire. Jetfire as a Blackbird spy plane? Very Cool. For some reason he has a Decepticon logo

    The involvement of a Constructicon Earth Mover pretty much confirms the rumor that the Constructicons and Devastator might appear in the film.

    There was some concern about the presence of so many robots when the story broke that as many as 20 would appear in the film. It seems that the Robots will be in smaller scenes each contributing to the story and setting the scene that other Autobots and Decepticons have established a home on Earth and work in different cells around the world.

    Jetfire, if you recall from the original cartoon was first recruited by the Decepticons until his own morals conflicted with their actions and he later found a home among the Autobots, and it sounds like this might be mirrored in the movie.

    And of course, the hints of a Constructicon member suggest that they are catering to the strongest of the fan reactions to see a big combining robot in the film. Lots of talk about Dinobots being present too, (another fan demand) however aside from a short teaser clip some sites are reporting as proof of Grimlock’s involvement

  121. also wat about the matrix duhhh any one ever thing that will make a sho in the new movie or even in the third possibly the 4th. the transformer series is never going to end in its cartoon form and there is alot of characters not even introduced yet for example hot shot is completly diff from hot rod. red alert, omega supreme, dino bots, any one ever think how the dino bots will be brought into action i have a theory every one knows of the mechanical dinos around the world in florida cali mass, well wat if sam activates them cuz technically they are robots basic robots which will make there brains small duhh. idk just a theroy. but that be hot cuz u people do know the dino bots can form into one giant dino bots just like the destructocons, thats why the dinos were built in the early cartoons to fight devastator. so who knows mabey a giant fight between giant devastator and dino bot……..

  122. yeah man hot rod is a sick transformer. yeah there are hints in the 1st movie.
    hope the final fight with prime and megatron is as good as the cartoon movie. that was soooooo cool when i first saw it.

  123. HEY BA hot rod aka rodimus prime is the best transformer ur just a hater u dont undastand transformers duhh optimus comes back to life and he and rodimus are the leaders duhhh and oh yea

  124. does anyone memba the begining of the first movie where blackout attacked the base there was more than one transformer and no not scorpinok one was attacking tyresse which was blackout and the other one was trying to steal the data does anyone memba that i noticed it when i was watchn it again i basically watch it once a week cuz there are hints in there no one looks for. MB aint stupid he put hints in the first one and kno one reads between the lines. and yes me and peter are right i do my research every day and i take wat people say and look into it yes no life LMFAO

  125. Does anyone remember the early Marvel Transformers comics (1984-5) where Optimus Prime transferred the main power of the Creation Matrix to Buster Witwicky? Buster temporarily had supernatural power over machines and intuitive understanding of all their workings.

  126. I think prime and megatron should team up and kill michael bay!
    lets hope megan fox strips down in the new movie.

    kirkari yes they said they are leaking false info. but there are also real info about. sam having the splinter and going crazy has been on a leaked script this was around before they began filming. also soundwave being in the movie is in the script before they anounced he would be in the movie.
    michael bay said the new movie will be more true to the 80s cartoon.
    Hot-rod is a cool robort, how he is young and gets prime killed and grows to become a leader willing to die to save everyone.
    johns right the allspark prime has is dead.
    sam is speaking superman lingo. sparks inside him.
    the hole point of transformers was for them to save cybertron allspark was the thing that can do that, sam has its power so you dont need a O-level to work out how the 2nd film will end up!!

    only thing I hope to see is megan fox stripping in every part of the movie.
    press one who ever would want to see that

  127. Hot rod is the worst transformer ever, if they kill prime and bring him in it will be an absolute travesty!
    But because it is such a crap idea Bay will probably do it because he is a moron!

  128. I cnt believe people. Film has just started filming and your all coming up with stuff

    Ok, the photos mite be real but any script or leaked info shouldn’t be believed. Remember their leaking false info!

    Why cnt folks just wait for it to cme out instead of non-stop speculating!

  129. Hey Philip.


    “That was just a dead piece. That’s why Prime said at the end that the All Spark was gone and they couldn’t bring life back to their planet now. Sam must have some non-destroyed piece (at least that’s the theory)”

  130. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)

    Sam didnt keep the splinter of the Spark Optimus did Optimus pulled it out of Megatron… Watch themovie again

  131. I think peter and brian are half right how the 2nd movie will pan out!!
    there is a leaked script and it is the same as what peter has writen and it does say sam has a splinter and the allspark is in him and he ends up on cybertron. this script was out before they started to film the part where sam is in the class room and goes made

  132. you know what i think……i think that ironhide turns evil because in the first movie he’s always talking about killing humans first he aims his cannons at sam then suggested that they should kill sam’s parents but idk

  133. Well I’m not sure of this is relevant but after i looked into the ‘beast wars’ series from transformers there’s mention of an alien race called ‘The Vok’ and I’ve noticed that a few of the glyphs on their architecture where curiously similar to the ‘hieroglyphics’ seen on the Allspark in the writings from Archibald Witwicky

  134. NO, it was Kryptonian writing on the chalk board. This movie is going to be about Superboy-Prime not Optimus-Prime.

  135. Seriously?!? Guys first…. Movie is not out. Secondly, the all spark fused and shattered in megatton. Have you ever seen a piece of glass completely shatter and only leave one shard? Thirdly, even though you worshipped the original show, and the animated movie, this is one telling of transformers. It still exists. Bay and co aren’t telling you you can’t watch it anymore. Treat the live action movies as a different story, same characters. Kinda like Marvel comics. If you guys spent half the time you do botching about a movie that just barely started production you are missing out on great films out now and are making yourself predisposed to hate the movie when it actually is released.

    It takes so much energy to hate, spend it on something worthwile.

  136. Here is what i think soundwave does. he finds the bodies of

    Galvatron,Cyclonus,2 Sweeps,Scourge. and galvatron kills starcream back on cybertron

  137. Here’s what I think. On other sites as well as this one people are saying how Sam goes crazy and knows all these things he shouldn’t know about Space and Technology as if there is some special ability he seemed to have developed. I think that he started getting these special abilities at the end of the first movie. Remember how Bumblebee could not speak “before” the cube was destroyed and after it’s destroyed and Sam sees him, Bumblebee is now able to talk without explanation!!! Ratchet was behind Prime when Mikaela pulled up.

  138. I think Ghost Rider and Spider-man will come in and save the day!!! Give it up no real info is even available yet, other than the name.

  139. End of the 1st movie prime calls for autobots in hiding to come out. i.e rc hotrod and so on! unicon wont be in transformers 2 but like with the end of the 1st movie when starscream flys back to cybertron. the end of transformers 2 will show unicon heading to cybertron!!! one thing is if megatron does not kill starscream is it starscream who will bring unicon!!

    what remais of the all spark Dont work the all spark now lies in sam!!
    sam who is now the key to bring life back to cybertron.
    the 1st film was about the all-spark the 2nd film will be about bring life back to cyberton and if they do a 3rd film it will be about unicon attacking cybertron for its energy!!!
    the 3 bikes should make up rc. hotrod is young but by the 3rd he will rise to become leader!!!
    when megatron is brought back to life by soundwave he will want to take on starscream and become leader!! as sam is the all-spark sam is the only one who can bring life back to megatron.
    the 2nd film is all about sam and the all spark inside him. the autobots and decepticons will want to use him to bring life back to cybertron ie pure energy.

  140. ok Friends, just for you all to know that in transformers 2 the revange of the fallen the fallen is prims dark broder that kold Magnimus and he can transforme to a bus (i am sorry if i have spelling mistake because i am not from america)

  141. *sigh* I was hoping that any sequels would have NO Witwiky and NO useless female characters (I can’t even remember her name). More transformers and less campy human characters. A lot of so called “spoilers” are nothing but nonsense planted to confuse people. I hope this is the case.

  142. In the part saying sam kept the splinter i agree with shane prime did keep the splinter!! He picked it out of megatrons chest and clinced it in his fist so someone is twisting up the story!!! We cant beleive anything untill it comes out or if you know the director or story writer to tell you different!!!

  143. well at the end of the first film, Sam had the AllSpark with him alot.
    could be side effects of him having it in contact for so long?

    Optimus pulled what was left of it out of Megatron’s chest.
    he retained that splinter.

    the power of the allspark is gone but not the allspark all together.

    and with megatron absorbing the allspark it looks like he will be back even badder then before. hence the title revenge of the fallen.

    just my take on it. thanks.

    and i agree with Shane watch the end of the first movie very carefuly…

  144. also everyone is talkn about the destructocons did u ever happen to think bone crusher yea he is a destructocon he is dead yes. but the name of the movie is REVENGE of the FALLEN. BONECRUSHER has to come back to even make DEVESTATOR the real devestator not brawl. So thats y i think all the fallen are the decepticons who died, killed, or in stasis lock. ever think of that duhhh it makes perfect sense i swere no one reads between the lines

    1. The fallen is one of the original thirteen Transformers, the robot known as The Fallen is the one who corrupted Megatron into forming the Decepticons. He is trapped in another dimension and was able to communicate with the Decepticons via an interdimensional window. He is capable of opening Space Bridges.It was the Fallen’s face, distorted by this window, that inspired the image the Decepticons would use as their logo

  145. the fallen is megatron and bonecrusher, blackout, and devestator aka BRAWL. And JAZZ. The decepticon fallen will be rebuilt by Sound wave. Then towards the end megatron will fight prome again and prime will die and megatron and the other fallen except jazz cuz hes a autobot will be come galvatron and his minons and this is where prime gives hot rod the matrix…. then u see unicron heading for cyberton aka primus… ALSO u cant have primus cuz primus didnt come into play until the last transformers series. it was energon or cybertron idk. they were both gay. anywayz i neva new cybertron turned into primus untill that episode.

    1. primus turned into cybetron after some spark energy wave then later his spark shaterd and created all other transformers like optimus prime as an example

  146. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)When he mentioned Cryptonian, he could have meant to say cryptograms. In this case, Cybertronian cryptograms.

    Megatron may not have been destroyed in the film either. The energy overload caused by the infusion of allspark energy combining with his own spark could have caused him to go into stasis lock.

    And what if?….and this is a BIIIIG What if?….. the story line involving the revitalization of Cybertron (AKA..Primus) in the process accidentally revives the TF known as “The Fallen” who then tries to locate Unicron, who in turn comes in for the 3rd installment to reap the energy.

  147. does anyone memba when bumble bee transformed the giant allspark into the mini one. think about it the peice optimus has can still transform to a bigger peice. also memba at the begining of the movie when they were talkn bout the allspark is indistructable or someshit like that. Duhh. Ohh Yea good news i have a offical pic of ARCEE for the new transformers movie.

  148. It could be possible if Sam actually does gets sick in the movie that something was planted by the Starscream. (If you didn’t know Starscream was alive watch the entire credits).

    Just a thought

  149. only person on here that is right is PETER thank you peter but megan fox character does not die. but there will be more characters. starscream goes back to cybertron to let the other decepticons know megatron is dead and star scream is in charge. to find out if this is true cuz the more powerful decepticons like soundwave and the destrutocons go to earth to see if its true. sound wave finds megatron and so on and so forth like peter says. the decepticons that follow megatron are soundwave, tidal wave, destructocons, demolisher, and barricade. starscream followers include the bitch ass decepticons i cant memba there names but i kno who they are check the original animated movie ull see. basically whats gonna happen in this movie is the same thing that happen in the original animated movie. Also doesw anyone watch the new animated transformers series the all spark can never die it was basically blown up and peices still work. so the peice optimus has works. like in the new series starscreams spark is destroyed but the peice of the all spark is keeping him alive. so the allspark that was inbedded into megatron destroyed him yes cuz it was to much power for his spark to handle. But with the peice that optimus has and gives to sam and yes gives to sam cuz he thought he be the most trusting of it soundwave captures sam, he takes the peice and brings megatron and everyone back to life. But way b4 that the dinobots are built by the autobots. other autobots come examples of a few hot rod(becomes new leader when optimus dies in this movie in the final battle between him and megatron on cybertron. and prime gives the matrix to him cuz ultra magnus is not gonna be in anyof these movies and hot rod is a young punk just like in the cartoon. but in the third he destroys unicron and galvatron. Peter and i are correct if u cant see this comming ur an idiot

  150. What’s the problem if Sam touches or not the Splinter? He had touched the whole damn thing for half an hour… Remember the AllSpark? (Or the Matrix, and the original g1 comic…)

  151. Some of you are complaining about the “splinter” and what its role in the plot is… Um, isn’t that what watching the movie ONCE IT’S OUT for?

    Someone people sure are morons…

  152. Previously, Derrick Fish had stated:

    “My initial thoughts is that maybe this plot element might be inspiring the current storyline, and make Sam even MORE inportant if he, HIMSELF, was essentially the All Spark in human form.”

    If Sam was the All Spark in human form, then that means… he turns Megan Fox into RC. Then there’ll be an erotic male robot on female robot action. It’ll kind of look like the sex scene in the Uncut version of ‘Team America.’

    As far as Sam, he goes genius, thinks up a new technology called ‘the flux capacitor’ and creates a time machine out of a DeLorean transformer. He changes his name to Doc, then befriends a kid named ‘Marty.’

    A substory would be another character named ‘Michael’ accidentally drives his black transformer car into a vat of Crazy glue, disabling his transforming capabilities, but can still do some cool stuff as a car. Oh yeah, the car’s name is ‘KITT.’

    Another group of guys witness what KITT can do, and come up with their own supervehicles. The group splits up into 3 forming ‘MASK’ and ‘Megaforce’ and ‘Voltron 1’.

    Then at the end of the movie, there is a new menace that encounter the TRANSFORMERS… the GOBOTS. Who will easily be vanquished since they are no match for the autobots.

    And that’s what Michael Bay told me.


  153. Hey Peter, Where did you get that leaked script? The one I read had no mention of Unicron but Mikaela appears to die but didn’t. Of course this could all be missdirection from MB.

  154. The all-spark is dead, its power is inside sam from the splinter! Jazz is dead sam brings him back to life!! Megatron is dead. soundwave finds megatron and uses sam to bring life back into him! Sam is taken to cybertron by starscream the autobots follow! The decepticons are split into two sides! Decepticons loyal to megatron and decepticons who follow there new leader starscream! Megatron beats starscream and becomes leader! Prime and the autobots rescue sam on cybertron and sam brings life back to cybertron!!! The film opens with a couple of autobots going after a decepticon on earth (big car chase sceen) which ends at the airbass museum, Sam and bumbalbee catch up at the airbass! The film ends with cybertron saved and full of energy! transformers 2 final sceen shows unicon heading to cybertron for its energy!! Transformer 3 will be very much like transformers the cartoon movie! Basickly decepticons attack the autobots bass on earth, prime and megatron battle, prime dies, megatron who is half dead is saved by unicon and turned into galbatron! The autobots and decepticons team up to stop unicon from destsroying cybertron! The matrix of leadership is inside hotrod! Hotrod uses it to destroy unicon!

    1. ok that sound too much like the cartoon how much is true ?? and by hotrod im sure you ment rodamus (later rodamus prime after reciving the matrix of leadership)

  155. there is a leaked script of transformers 2! The splinter is from the all-spark which was inside sam! The power of the all-spark now is with-in sam ie why he acts crazy! Starscream who is now leader of the decepticons finds out and kidnaps sam 2 take him 2 sibertron cos sam is the key to bring life back! Soundwave goes in search of megatron! But needs sam 2 bring life back into him. Megatron lives with the decepticons split in2 2 factions. Megatron takes on starscream. Final battle takes place on cybertron autobots go try save sam. Megatron becomes leader again autobots and Sam brings life back 2 cybertron. The end… But wait now cybertron is full of energy something more powerfull has awoke…its unicon! Who wants to destroy cybertron 4 its new found energy….transformers 3

  156. lol…this sounds as stupid as the 1st one, even more so…..nice job….

    my childhood is putting a`restraining on hollywood….it cant take any more molestation…damn u hollywood

  157. This splinter thing sounds ridiculous I don’t believe it. How it could have anything to do with the plot is beyond me.

  158. Building on what Derreck is saying, that storyline also involved Buster granting independent personality to Jetfire after he had been constructed as a Decepticon drone.

    This is looking oddly familiar all of a sudden….

  159. So does this mean instead of saying “The Allspark” all throughout the movie, they’ll be saying “The Splinter”?

  160. Why would Sam go crazy in Walgreens? Because apparently when he’s drnk in Chicago, that’s what he likes to do for fun. And honestly, who doesn’t? Personally, I prefer going crazy in CVS, but what can I say, I’m a rebel.

  161. Hey Bumblebee

    As I already said in a previous comment (Guys… read the other comments)

    “That was just a dead piece. That’s why Prime said at the end that the All Spark was gone and they couldn’t bring life back to their planet now. Sam must have some non-destroyed piece (at least that’s the theory)”

    1. Optimus called for all living autobots at the end of the first one right? Well if he really thought there was no way to revive cybertron he would have just stayed on earth and done nothing. so YOUR WRONG!!!

  162. Umm…Sam doesn’t have the All Spark splinter. Optimus plucked it from Meg’s chest.

    I don’t believe anything said in regards to that.

  163. Good point, Derrick. I forgot about the cube not being in the same place as Megatron. My mistake…

    I don’t think the radiation is dangerous to Sam. They had years and years to study the radiation from Megatron and the Cube and never mentioned it being dangerous to themselves or anything. That kind of testing would have probably been done.

  164. Wow, sorry but this sounds to me too be too perfect. I am totally skeptical on ANY and ALL information from so called SOURCES. Micheal Bay could have PLANTED this source to pass on false info. Especially since this person could not get the name of the language right . . as stated above, it is CYBERTRONIAN not CRYPTONIAN. . :-P

  165. Could it be that Sam has had the most exposure to any transformer and has in a way mutated from the radiation that S7 had been detecting….

    Derrick Fish…excellent contribution.

    1. hey hockey 101 jetfire has red eyes? I know he is old and everything though. Oh and one more thing, Jetfire USED TO be a decepticon. Maybe he is a bad guy in this one? I hope he is a good guy though

  166. My immediate thought is that, at some point, Sam may have been imbued with some aspect of the All Spark before it’s fusion (Or during it’s fusion) with Megatron.

    In the original MARVEL comics, (and before the Matrix was defined as what it was in the Animated Movie) Prime contained the “Creation Matrix” in his head, and it acted similarly to the All Spark in this film. When Prime was captured by Shockwave, he transferred the Matrix and it’s power to “Buster” (The Comic version of Spike: The proto-Sam.) For a period of time, Buster had very bizarre abilities (He mentally dismantled a transformer) and could control and do weird stuff with machinery. My initial thoughts is that maybe this plot element might be inspiring the current storyline, and make Sam even MORE inportant if he, HIMSELF, was essentially the All Spark in human form. Just my two cents.

    1. How about this……maybe Sam becomes superhuman? he gets mentally/physically infused powers from the splinter, or whtvr, and he gains strength to kill Galvatron.


  167. Why would Sam go crazy? Sam’s Grandfather wasn’t crazy. Sam’s Grandfather knew exactly what he was talking about, but the government covered it up.

    Also, Sam’s Grandfather never touched, or saw, the Allspark. Megatron was in the North Pole when Old Witwicky found him. The Allspark landed elsewhere, in an unknowned location near Hoover Dam. The government built Hoover Dam and took the cube there to hide the energy output, and also brought Megatron there for “safekeeping”.

  168. I saw those same images, Robert, but I thought it looked more animal like, so I thought it could be Ravage. A friend of mine thought the head looked like it might have a beak and could be Laserbeak or Buzzsaw. Either way, we all seem to agree that it’s one of Soundwave’s minions and probably isn’t Frenzy.

  169. I strongly dislike the idea of including Galvatron. Not only do I have contempt for that character, but we didn’t even get a proper Megatron. I want to see a character development between Megatron and Starscream. Neither character felt like they were given any personalities.

    1. oh really? well megatron seemed like a nice guy, ya no with destruction and determination to get the all-spark…(sarcasm in voice) hes selfish, desperate, non-loving, AND JUST PLAIN EVIL!!! there, we have a personality for megatron. and starscream, is well, almost the same, only that he likes to rule. See, now we have a personality for starscream… and just to let u all no, transformers is the best movie ever made and i dont think the 2nd one will be a disappointment. |:(

  170. i watched TRANSFORMERS 13 times now yeah i’m a VFX freak :D:D

    if you watch the last shot with the Allspark in Sam’s hand an the following shot you get a feeling that there is a bigger piece of the allspark left……

    but i’d rather say that those plot information are fake and controlled……. Bay was so pissed when plot info leaked out the last time ……..

  171. That actually somehow makes sense Alex, and would be awesome.
    But how in the hell could they beat Galvitron if they barely could beat megatron?

  172. Im surprised no one mentioned this but what if because of the cube was fused in to megatron it killed him, but then started to slowly rebuild his body making him stronger, faster and more powerful, in to Galvatron. It would make sense that megatron was killed and then brought back to life as Galvatron. This is one way they could do it, because the allspark rebuilt him in to Galvatron.

    1. the all spark didnt bring megatron bk as galvatron it was unicron the planet eater that forsed him to do his biding



  173. Wouldn’t that be Cybertronian like Rodney said? Anyway, how does Sam and Mikaela wind up with the Allspark shard when Optimus took it from Megatron’s body?

  174. I was hoping they would tone down the camp a little in this one, but I guess thats not the case.

    I have a feeling the sequel will look amazing but have little to offer story wise.

    I wish that Spielberg directed this and Bay was the “action scene director” or something like that.

    Im kind of already preparing myself for dissappointment with this one. Hopefully Im wrong and Bay builds on what he did well in the first one and improves the areas that were lacking.

  175. I’m pretty sure if there’s a piece of the All Spark involved in the plot, it’s the one Prime recovered from Megatron.



  176. Heres what I assume; just from what I have read on this blog.
    Sam got a splinter from the all spark when he shoved it into megatron. But it is just like a wooden splinter in his skin and even he did not know about it. Then he finds it and digs it out of his skin, before he can tell megatron he has to go to school and goes nuts cause of the splinter. He then tells prime who tells him his contact with the splinter is what is making him crazy, prime fixes him. They go to get the splinter(which witwicki left at his house) and calls Fox to see if she touched the splinter.
    And obviously I dont know the truth but it is still fun to speculate and assume….cause what if you end up being right!

    1. Well the 2nd movie is supposed to be 2 years after the 1st one so dont you think he would have noticed a splinter (just like a wooden one in his hand) within 2 years? I mean come on thats a long time to not notice a splinter

  177. We don’t yet know HOW Sam comes into contact with the splinter, so how about people stop assuming things and just wait until we find out?

  178. Okay, the only piece I saw was the one that Prime picked up. If there was another piece, do you really think that Prime would let Sam keep it as a souveneir? No fucking way, but logic left the building after the first one:)

  179. I like how they assume the strange symbols are “Cryptonian” … sound like Kyrptonian? Transformers are from Krypton?



    Just sayin.

  180. Hey Mac

    That was just a dead piece. That’s why Prime said at the end that the All Spark was gone and they couldn’t bring life back to their planet now. Sam must have some non-destroyed piece (at least that’s the theory)

    1. Well to answer your random question LOL… Page #1, in most text books, start after the roman numeral pages. So theoretically, page #1 is really page #18. (Just an example)… But then again I don’t know if it displays like that in the movie. So if your right, page “one” is only useful if you wanna know the makers of the book, index, etc. ;-)

    1. How can you say that about the first movie. i heard people whinge about it before, but none of them had any good reasons. the best reason that anyone could give ws that they didnt like the plot. well, unfortunately, transformers is a movie about good robots vs bad robots. thats always been the story. i thought the first movie was pulled off brilliantly

    2. I can’t see this one being as good as the first actually. The story in the first had a primary objective of adding human conflict aside from the sci-fi battling of robots. This allowed viewers to connect and relate to the sub-plots of the story. Such as the sam and mikaela relationship. I think the second will have a hard time pulling that off again.

  181. Well there was an object referred to as ‘The Splinter’ in some leaked shooting notes a few weeks back, so that’s probably it.

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