Machete Kills… Again? Hold Your Machetes, Folks!

Machete Kills Again In Space

Machete fans, hold onto your blades! There’s been some confusion about the future of our favorite ex-Federale with a serious grudge. Remember all that talk about “Machete Kills in Space“? Yeah, Danny Trejo might have gotten a little ahead of himself. In a recent interview, the legendary Danny Trejo spilled the beans (or should we say the salsa?) that director Robert Rodriguez supposedly sold the rights to the Machete franchise. This news bummed everyone out, including Trejo himself, who loves playing the machete-wielding hero. But wait! There’s a twist!

Rodriguez Steps Up to Clear the Air

Thankfully, Robert Rodriguez himself shut down those rumors faster than you can say “Machete Kills.” He says Trejo’s info is totally wrong in that Rodriguez still owns all the rights to Machete. Phew! So, a third Machete movie is still a possibility, it just ain’t happening right now.

Why the Wait? Rodriguez Spills the Beans (For Real This Time)

Rodriguez says they keep getting bombarded with questions about when the next Machete flick is coming out. So, they decided to stay quiet until things actually move forward. Makes sense!

One Thing’s for Sure: Machete Ain’t Done Yet!

Here’s the good news: Rodriguez considers Machete one of his favorite characters, and he and Trejo are constantly brainstorming killer ideas for a sequel. So, even though Machete isn’t slicing up theaters right now, there’s a good chance he’ll be back for more butt-kicking action in the future. Just don’t expect him to be battling aliens anytime soon (sorry, Rob Zombie!).

What is Machete?

Forget fancy capes and brooding billionaires, Machete’s the hero the streets need! This cult classic franchise stars Danny Trejo as a badass ex-Federale who uses his skills (and giant machete) to take down bad guys. Expect over-the-top action, cheesy dialogue, and enough explosions to light up a fiesta. Whether he’s cleaning up the streets or facing off against a maniacal tycoon (looking at you, Mel Gibson!), Machete delivers justice with a slice and a smile.

(Source: Indiewire)

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