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Paul Walker’s Brush with Superman

Imagine Paul Walker donning the iconic ‘S’ of Superman. The surprising possibility of Walker in the role is a revelation in the 2018 documentary “I Am Paul Walker“. The documentary was a film that spends time peeling back the layers of the Fast & Furious star’s untold journey. The surprise comes courtesy of Walker’s manager, Matt Luber, and his childhood friend and stunt double, Oakley Lehman.

As the documentary aired on The CW, Luber disclosed that Walker was on the brink of becoming the Man of Steel, with a staggering $10 million deal on the table. “I think it was a $10 million deal, and he was the frontrunner,” Luber reminisced, painting a vivid picture of Walker screen testing for the iconic role. Lehman, working closely with Walker, continues sharing that the actor was genuinely considering the opportunity. Walker’s reluctance was his concern over being tethered to the superhero cape indefinitely. “I knew he did not want to do three or four Superman [films] and be Superman for the rest of his life,” Lehman revealed.

A surprising cinematic gem that’s new to us is that Walker wore the Superman costume during an audition. It was during this audition that Walker had an epiphany that altered the course of his journey. Luber vividly recounted Walker’s decision: “‘I’ve got an ‘S’ on, I got a cape, boots, tights … this is not me. I’m getting the f*** out of here. Gotta go. F*** you.’ And he was gone.”

Walker’s reluctance to be confined to the superhero mold echoes his sentiments from a 2003 interview, where he candidly explained his decision to turn down the Superman role during DC’s franchise reboot. “Yes, I could have made a gazillion dollars on that franchise. I could probably have bought my own fleet of jets or my own island,” he commented. “You know what? I don’t need it.” In a Hollywood environment driven by lavishness, Walker’s down-to-earth perspective shines. “My favorite brand of running shoes costs $23. I rarely pay more than $40 for my jeans,” he shared. Money wasn’t the driving force; authenticity and a grounded lifestyle took precedence.

Tragically, Walker’s journey met an untimely end on November 30, 2013, following a car accident. The revelation of his Superman episode adds another layer to the legacy of a man who, despite the allure of superhero stardom and financial gains, chose a path true to himself. Walker’s brief flirtation with the Man of Steel role becomes an emotional footnote in comic book history. In a world of capes and cosmic exploits, Paul Walker, true to his essence, chose to walk his unique path—one that resonates far beyond the cinematic universe. The ‘S’ on his chest may have eluded him, but the indelible mark he left on Hollywood remains immortal.


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