Masters Of The Universe: Revelations Is The Legacy That He-Man Needed


Masters Of The Universe: Revelation was a Netflix original anime series that makes a sequel, but also revives a classic animated franchise. With reboots and remakes everywhere, this He-Man revival continues the original story but also turns it on its head for a brand new adventure. It’s almost kind of what fans expected from Star Wars: The Force Awakens but didn’t get. With the second season of the series, Masters Of The Universe: Revolutions releasing later this month, here is my Masters Of The Universe: Revelations review.

Please note that the following Masters Of The Universe: Revelations review will be spoiler-free. 

Reviving The He-Man Series For A Whole New Generation

Masters Of The Universe: Revelations He-Man.
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Reboots are hard. So when Kevin Smith billed the Masters Of The Universe: Revelations series as a sequel, eyebrows raised. How would he do a sequel to an 80s franchise series that was kind of surface-level, to begin with? And honestly, sometimes just outrageously nonsensical. And the whole thing was from the anime studio that brought us Castlevania and Blood Of Zeus. So naturally, curiosity peaked. 

This new Masters Of The Universe series opens by being all about the classic show. It’s a return to that era of Eternia with the versions of the He-Man characters that made fans nostalgic. And that’s kind of the point. In creating a successful revival, showrunner Kevin Smith and his writing team go the extra distance to set the stage with something recognizable and familiar. This approach also allows for some great exposition and organic establishing of the characters and their relationships.

When Skeletor (Mark Hamill) attacks Greyskull (again), He-Man is called into action. The team assembles as they always do in the old series, and the action begins. But this time, Skeletor has new information to provide. Castle Greyskull is actually an illusion, housing the source of all magic in the universe. After an intense battle, Skeletor gets what he wants, the power of magic and the Power Sword. Until that is, He-Man sacrifices himself to prevent the power from falling into Skeletor’s hands. This results in the Sword of Power splitting into two pieces and disappearing. But more importantly, Teela discovers that Prince Adam is He-Man during this encounter. 

Balancing The Kid-Friendly Vibes With Some Surprisingly Dark Moments

Masters Of The Universe: Revalations review Skeletor.
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While Masters Of The Universe: Revelations is very family-friendly, the story is still pretty grown-up while remaining accessible to everyone. After a time jump in the story, the implied relationships and history are easy for non-fans to follow. The characters obviously have history, but the lack of knowledge of that history doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of this story. But the more surprising moments come when things get a little dark, and surprise fans of the old series while keeping the shock value in line with what audiences expect today. 

The action sequences are also pretty grown up. At least in the sense that there is nuance and complexity, and not just an oversimplification for a younger audience. The choreography and events take full advantage of the fantasy elements of this world. 

Masters Of The Universe: Revelations Review Is Spoiler-Free

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While there is a lot of great character development and incredible writing in this Masters Of The Universe: Revelations review, there is also ample action and excitement here too. The tension and dialogue-heavy parts of the story get some relief through lots of action sequences and some pretty unexpected surprises as well. The scope, vibes and overall big picture of Masters Of The Universe: Revelations is so much more significant than anything the original series was aiming for. Smith and his writers’ room absolutely expanded on the original story in very new and innovative ways. 

What To Expect From Masters Of The Universe: Revolutions

Masters Of The Universe: Revalations review Revolution.
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In many ways, the age of the classic He-Man is over. With Masters Of The Universe: Revolutions, creator and showrunner Kevin Smith can tell brand new stories that continue the lore. Without being beholden to what came before. And while reception of Revelations was divided, the new series in Revolutions would be an entirely new story that’s very far removed from what came before in the original series. Allowing the writers to craft new stories that take the He-Man mythos further, for a new generation. 

Masters Of The Universe: Revolutions premieres on Netflix on January 25, 2024. 

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Masters Of The Universe: Revelations Is The Legacy That He-Man Needed
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