A Different The Mandalorian And Grogu Title Could Unite The Storylines


After months of rumours regarding The Mandalorian TV series making a jump to live-action film, we now have confirmation. The Disney+ original show will continue its 3 seasons of stories in a feature film titled The Mandalorian and Grogu. The new movie will be directed by Jon Favreau, who helped reignite the Star Wars franchise, along with Dave Filoni with The Mandalorian series. However, given the divisive reception of its last season, a much simpler The Mandalorian And Grogu title would be more thematically relevant to the franchise. 

Please note that the following will feature some spoilers for all seasons of The Mandalorian. 

How The Mandalorian Season 3 Split The Focus

The Mandalorian and Grogu title Katan.
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The Mandalorian series began a new Star Wars chapter. The original story followed an unnamed bounty hunter of the Mandalorian race previously explored in only animated Star Wars shows. Season 1 explored how the titular Mandalorian finds a young child and has to get him to his people, coming to care for him in the meantime. Season 2 saw the character, played (at times) by Pedro Pascal adopt young Grogu, teaching him the ways of The Mandalore. In a way, Grogu himself was on his way to becoming a Mandalorian himself, giving the title a dual significance. 

The most drastic turn though, came in Season 3, when the story of Mando and Grogu seemed to settle into a groove, while other stories took centre stage. The focus shifted to another Mandalorian, Bo Katan (Katee Sackhoff) and her quest to redeem herself and unite the Mandalorian people. The entire season seemed to be about the people of Mandalore, instead of any one character. Which many felt that the approach seemed like a bait and switch for fans who invested multiple seasons into the story of Mando and Grogu. So a much better The Mandalorian And Grogu title could have consolidated those seemingly separate stories of the various characters from Mandalore. 

The Mandalorian And Grogu Title Should Simply Be ‘The Mandalorians’

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With fans upset about The Mandalorian show changing focus between seasons, the movie would be seeking to unite those storylines into a satisfying conclusion. Therefore, ‘The Mandalorians’ is a much better title that expands the significance to include the various other Mandalorians featured in the show. And even explain the pivot in the story from adventures of an unlikely father and child, to one about warriors seeking redemption through revolution. 

A title like The Mandalorians would also make it seem like a story about the Mandalorian people, and their struggles, instead of any one character in particular. It would also explain why season 3’s focus shifted drastically to Bo Katan, and the history of Mandalore, with Mando and Grogu acting as spectators to it all. Even thematically it works, as it continues the expansion of the title referring initially to Din Djarin in season 1, then including Grogu as well. Then going on to become about all Mandalorians in general. 

This Kind Of Title Change Has Happened Before

The Mandalorian and Grogu title Armorer.
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And The Mandalorian And Grogu title shift wouldn’t be the first time this happened. There are many other sequels that were simply the plural version of the original. Most famously, James Cameron’s sequel Aliens was just a plural of the original film, Alien by Ridley Scott. Aliens made sense in the story as well, as the film features more exomorphs than the original. Similarly, The Mandalorians would imply a story about all Mandalorians and not just about Mando, Grogu or even Bo Katan. 

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