Sony takes on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe movie was being made, then shelved, then revisited, then ditched and now like that couple in highschool that just shouldn’t date, He-Man is back on. This time He-Man has a new date for the Prom and its Sony.

Dark Horizons shares:

Sony Pictures is finalizing a deal with Mattel to get “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” on the big screen says Variety.

The film will revolve around the prince-turned-warrior He-Man and his battles against the evil Skeletor.

This is just going to turn into another one of those stories like waiting for a Superman movie after it spent decades in development hell trading hands and scripts.

With any luck 18 times’ the charm and Sony will actually step forward with this property and give us some sci-fantasty barbarian kickaass to look at!

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22 thoughts on “Sony takes on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

  1. I dont like the direction these guys are taking, they want to drop out he man and cringer, just keep prince adam and battle cat, and they dont think skeletor needs a skull face (which is where he gets his name mind you) and they want to get rid of the whole adam to he man transformation. I think it’s a sad day when mattel let’s them force butseks upon the motu series like this.

  2. Please bring Frank Langella back to the big-screen, he’s the best evil villian ever, in looks, movements and voice !!!

    Without langella NO REAL SKELETOR !!!

  3. I just want to say this out loud. Please PLEASE let Frank Langella reprise his role as Skeletor. Esp if the movie is all CGI and he does the voice. He was the only good thing with Masters of the Universe the movie.

  4. That’s awesome. I was pretty disappointed when I found out that it did get shelved, what was that, like a week ago or so? LOL.

    But anyway, ya, glad to hear it’s back on and I can see Sony doing a great job with it. I can’t wait to see what this is all going to look like with today’s special effects technology. Especially Skeletor. Sony did such a great job on the effects for the Spider-Man films.

    Hey, what if Sam Raimi directed it??? ;)

    1. I was hoping for either David Slade, Louis Leterrier, or J.J. Abrams since it can’t be either of my top to choices … Guillermo del Toro or Peter Jackson.

  5. They shouldn’t involve the “Prince Adam” aspect. That didn’t come til quite a bit after the first run of toys(and comics … since the comics came with the toys). Those were set in a dificult world with no humor and a mix of old and new technology. That is what they should, but won’t return to.

    1. Really? I never knew there was a He-Man without the “Prince Adam” aspect and no humor in the story line. Also that the toys use to come with a comic book series.

      I had tones of the toys, but I guess I just had the ones that came out after this.

      Reminds me of how the Ninja Turtles use to be much darker and more mature. And how so many want to see a movie version of that Ninja Turtles but no one has the guts to do it.

      But if I remember right that last company that was going to do the He-Man movie was planning the throw out the whole Prince Adam thing and make it a little darker. Maybe there is hope that Sony will do the same.

      1. Yeah, the comics were awesome! Very small format the height/width of the figure and usually had something to do with the characters origin or if it was a villian why he was against He-Man. Also, there was No ORKO, Beast Man was intelligent and cruel, and The Sorceress and Teila are not the same person like you are led to believe.

    1. I don’t know about making it overly violent (as much as I’d like to see it, anything over pg-13 wouldn’t sell), but it would be awesome if they set it against green screen ala 300. Would deffinately make it easier to capture the fantast and sci-fi feel of the property

      1. I’m wishing that the age of building full size sets to engulf the environment of the characters would make a return. I know that it won’t be like it used to be, not with the green screen tech and such … but the “Legend” set was so beautiful. If they would do like a cross between “Legend” and the original “Star Wars” films with the stop-motion elements that would be awesome.

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