Blumhouse Unveils Spooky Collaboration at ‘The Shining’ Hotel

Blumhouse The Stanley Hotel

In a thrilling fusion of cinema and reality, Blumhouse, renowned for cinematic gems like Get Out and M3GAN, ventures beyond the silver screen. The studio takes horror enthusiasts on a spine-chilling journey with its latest project. The Stanley Hotel, famed as Stephen King’s muse for The Shining, welcomes Blumhouse’s horror exhibit. In partnership with the Colorado Office of Film, Television, and Media, Blumhouse transforms over 10,000 square feet into a terror-filled haven.

A Mini-Academy Museum of Horror:

The exhibit promises to be a macabre delight drawing from Blumhouse’s rich reservoir of horror flicks, TV shows, and gaming ventures. Blumhouse CEO, Jason Blum, likens the venture to a pilgrimage for horror aficionados. Colorado Governor Jared Polis applauds the collaboration, predicting a surge in tourism and economic vigor. With Blumhouse’s touch, the Stanley Hotel becomes a playground of frights, beckoning both locals and global thrill-seekers.

The Shining: From Page to Screen:

Stephen King’s nocturnal sojourn at the Stanley Hotel birthed The Shining, a haunting tale of isolation and madness. Now, the hotel’s lore weaves seamlessly into Blumhouse’s horror narrative, inviting visitors to tread the corridors of fear. As Blumhouse redefines horror entertainment, The Stanley Hotel emerges as a pilgrimage site for devotees of the macabre. With every creak of the floorboards, a new chapter in horror history unfolds, courtesy of Blumhouse’s chilling imagination.

About The Shining

“The Shining” is a masterpiece of terror penned by literary icon Stephen King. The film transcends its pages to etch itself into the annals of horror history. Inspired by King’s eerie stay at Colorado’s Stanley Hotel, the novel weaves a chilling tale of isolation, madness, and spectral malevolence. Stanley Kubrick’s cinematic adaptation, though diverging from King’s vision, imbues the Overlook Hotel with an ominous presence, lingering long after the credits roll. King’s encounter with the hotel’s ghostly lore birthed a literary classic. Kubrick’s visual interpretation cemented “The Shining” as a cornerstone of horror cinema, forever haunting the corridors of our imagination.

About Blumhouse

Blumhouse, the brainchild of visionary Jason Blum, rose from humble beginnings to become a horror powerhouse. Founded in 2000, Blumhouse carved its niche in the industry with a string of low-budget yet high-impact horror flicks. With hits like Paranormal Activity and Insidious, Blumhouse redefined horror for a new generation, blending terror with innovation. Jason Blum’s keen eye for talent and penchant for the unexpected propelled Blumhouse to the forefront of Hollywood’s horror scene. Through bold storytelling and inventive scares, Blumhouse continues to haunt our dreams and thrill our senses, proving that terror knows no bounds.

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