Sofia Vergara Stars As a Savage Criminal As “Griselda” on Netflix

Hold tight because you’re about to be transported to the wild drug wars of Miami ruled by the Spanish ‘Godmother’ Sophia Vergara. Netflix just dropped the trailer of Griselda, an upcoming power pack project full of crime, action, and a lot of cocaine.

Griselda is based on the real-life events of one of the most powerful and dominating cocaine dealers, Griselda Blanco. Her multifaceted personality full of charismatic charm and gutsy attitude earned her titles like La Madrina, The Black Widow, or The Cocaine Godmother. The Columbian tycoon has been one of the most prominent figures in the underworld during the Miami drug wars.

Sofia Vergara’s genre switch is turning heads as the audiences haven’t seen her in darker or more serious roles in a while. After appearing in the five-time Emmy-winning sitcom Modern Family, she is now ready for a transformative role that will allow her to unlock and showcase more of her range. The creative force behind the six-episode series is Eric Newman. He defined the show as a cousin to Narcos, Netflix’s successful series that also has two spinoffs. Even though Griselda closely resembles Narcos, her story was never mentioned in the show. Thankfully, she’s got her show to shine now. 

Sofia along with Balaguer has been developing this project for eight years. She revealed in an interview that:

“Griselda Blanco was a larger-than-life character whose ruthless but ingenious tactics allowed her to rule a billion-dollar empire years before many of the most notorious male kingpins we know so much about. We are thrilled to have found the perfect partners in Eric, Andrés, and Netflix to help us bring this story of her life to the screen.

Other cast members of the show include Alberto Guerra, Christian Tappan, Martín Rodríguez, Vanessa Ferlito, and Juliana Aidén Martinez. Griselda will be released on Netflix next year on January 25 and we’ll finally know what’s beyond the trailer.

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