The Exorcist 50th Anniversary: Looking Back At This Unexpected Horror Phenomenon

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With the recent passing of iconic director William Friedkin, and a new sequel on the horizon, now is an appropriate time to look back on the 1973 classic, The Exorcist (It’s true, it is indeed 50 years old)! Based on William Peter Blatty’s novel and adapted screenplay, the plot and overall idea was so horrific, that it went on to be banned in various locations, whilst becoming one of the biggest Horror movies ever made. Not to mention the film’s many Oscar nominations. It’s quite an epic, underdog-like achievement, and who doesn’t love an underdog story? No one saw this Horror phenomenon coming. So join me in taking a look back at this influential film on The Exorcist 50th Anniversary. 

The Exorcist 50th Anniversary Remembers Its Origins

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When two priests are called in to investigate the apparent demonic possession of Regan MacNeil (Linda Blair), events really do start to escalate at a rapid speed. Sure, the story comes across as quite straightforward on the surface, but it’s the execution that makes it legendary, with moments that have haunted its fan base for decades. William made you feel like you were there.

For me, when I think back on the original The Exorcist, it’s like thinking about a nightmare you’d have growing up. It gives you nostalgic chills when you think about it, and it lives in your mind permanently. One of the most haunting moments has to be the Spiderwalk, it comes at you at such a speed, that you don’t even have time to hide, it’s like you have to watch it, you’re frozen. You also can’t forget the make-up and practical effects that feature within the movie, the way they capture Regan MacNeil’s progression from normal to insane will forever be applauded. To add to this, when Regan’s head turns all the way around, in a devil-like fashion, you feel like you shouldn’t even be watching the film, as it’s just that evil.

50 Years Later And The Exorcist Still Holds Up

It’s hard to believe that The Exorcist came out in the 1970s because to this day it still holds up. The Exorcist’s influence and inspiration is apparent in so many movies, The Pope’s Exorcist is just one of those recent attempts. However, no one has come remotely close, and I think it will be a long-time before anyone can purge the addictive grip that The Exorcist has on its following.

What did you think of the original The Exorcist on its 50th anniversary? Share your memories in the comments below.

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