Island Escape Review: A Bumpy Ride into Familiar Territory

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Director Bruce Wemple’s Island Escape presents an intriguing premise that promises a blend of science fiction, horror, and suspense. The film attempts to immerse viewers in a world where time and reality warp, as a team of mercenaries attempt to rescue a scientist trapped on an island teeming with monstrous creatures. However, while the concept holds promise, the execution falls short, leaving audiences with a sense of déjà vu and a pervasive feeling of unfulfilled potential.

Island Escape Review Will Be Spoiler-Free

The narrative is Island Escape unfolds with a mysterious accident at a remote research camp on the enigmatic Isle of Gran Manan, immediately setting the stage for tension and intrigue. A father, portrayed by a stern and unconvincing actor, hires a team of blue-collar mercenaries to retrieve his daughter, a scientist caught in the midst of this enigma. As the team arrives on the island, a lush, visually captivating environment that belies the lurking dangers, is ready to greet them.

The Bad Parts Of Island Escape Review

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The film’s central conceit, the presence of a wormhole causing time to reset every three days, is initially a fascinating twist that promises to keep audiences engaged. However, as the story progresses, this unique element becomes more of a crutch than a driving force. The repeated time loops, while initially effective in generating tension, soon lose their impact due to a lack of narrative creativity. Instead of using the time resets to explore character development or build suspense, the film falls into a repetitive pattern that dampens its overall impact.

One of the film’s most glaring shortcomings lies in its characterization. The team of mercenaries, ostensibly meant to be the driving force behind the film’s emotional investment, suffer from underdeveloped personalities and motivations. While the performances are competent, the script fails to provide these characters with meaningful arcs or depth. Leaving them feeling like mere caricatures rather than relatable individuals. Consequently, when the characters’ lives are at stake, the audience’s emotional investment remains minimal at best.

Perhaps the most significant blow to Island Escape is its unfortunate resemblance to Kong: Skull Island. From the initial premise of a team venturing to a remote island to the introduction of monstrous creatures, the parallels are striking. While Island Escape tries to differentiate itself by incorporating time loops and a scientific mystery, the echoes of the earlier film are impossible to ignore. This sense of déjà vu hampers the film’s ability to stand on its own, overshadowing its unique aspects and innovation.

The Good In This Island Escape Review

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Visually, Island Escape demonstrates a commendable effort to create a lush and visually stunning environment. The island’s landscapes are beautifully shot, creating a sense of both wonder and trepidation. However, the film’s aesthetic achievements are marred by the underwhelming design of the titular monsters. While the concept of grotesque creatures lurking in the shadows is ripe for horror, the execution falls flat. The CGI monsters lack the realism necessary to evoke genuine fear, and their appearances often feel forced rather than organic to the story.

As the narrative progresses, the film attempts to delve into deeper themes of existentialism, the nature of time, and the futility of escape. Regrettably, these philosophical undertones are muddled by the lack of cohesion in the storytelling. The film’s pacing suffers from a disjointed structure that alternates between moments of tension and sluggish exposition. The attempt to weave complex concepts into the narrative ultimately results in a convoluted and confusing experience that fails to engage on an intellectual level.


Island Escape falls short of its ambitious goals due to a combination of weak characterization, narrative missteps, and unfortunate similarities to better-executed predecessors. While the concept of time loops and mysterious monsters holds promise, the film fails to capitalize on these elements in a meaningful way. Director Bruce Wemple’s attempt to blend genres and explore thought-provoking themes is admirable but ultimately results in a frustrating and unsatisfying viewing experience. As audiences yearn for a fresh take on such a premise, Island Escape leaves them feeling stranded on familiar shores, yearning for the originality and depth that the film aspires to deliver.

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Island Escape Review: A Bumpy Ride into Familiar Territory
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