The Great World Snooker Tour

Photo by Mohamed M on Unsplash

The World Snooker Tour is one of the most prestigious and highly regarded professional snooker circuits in the world. The website allows you to wager on all editions of this competition. It is governed by the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA). It also features a series of tournaments played throughout the year, culminating in the highly anticipated World Snooker Championship.

The tour attracts the best snooker players from around the globe, showcasing their skills and expertise in the game. Of course, they can be wagered at the 1xBet platform too. The players earn their places on the tour through a combination of qualification events and their ranking positions. The top players on the Official World Snooker Ranking list are granted automatic entry into most of the tour’s major events.

The World Snooker Tour offers a wide range of tournaments, varying in terms of format, prize money, and prestige. The most prestigious event on the tour is undoubtedly the World Snooker Championship, held annually at the historic Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, England. This iconic tournament has a rich history dating back to 1927 and is widely regarded as the pinnacle of snooker excellence. The championship features the top 16 players in the world competing in a grueling knockout format, with the final contested over multiple sessions.

Other great competitions of this sport

In addition to the World Snooker Championship, the tour includes other highly regarded events. You can encounter mobile betting for sports fans, which can be used to wager on these championships, which include:

  • The UK Championship
  • The Masters
  • The China Open

These tournaments offer substantial prize money and contribute significantly to a player’s ranking points. They are televised globally, attracting millions of viewers and showcasing the thrilling and strategic nature of the sport.

The World Snooker Tour has also expanded its reach by introducing events in various countries, promoting the growth of snooker internationally. For example, the China Open has become a prominent fixture on the tour, reflecting the increasing popularity and fanbase in the region. These international events provide players with valuable opportunities to compete on a global stage and further enhance the global appeal of the sport. The mobile betting options from 1xBet are perfect for sports fans, and particularly for those who love snooker.

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