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National Cinema Day 2023 Brings Even More Fans to Theaters

Movie theatres have been under plenty of threats over the last handful of years. Whether it was a pandemic lockdown or just asking your partner if they’d rather wait until the movie hits a streaming service, we’ve all decided to stay in once or twice or maybe too many times to count. But no matter how much money you save by staying in, nothing beats the magic of the movies. National Cinema Day 2023 is here, giving us an excuse to share our love for movies on August 27th – not that we really needed an excuse.

The Cinema Foundation started National Cinema Day last year, making 2023 the second year in a row where we’re celebrating a shared passion with thousands of movie-goers. So, why make a day the official time for celebrating movie-going? Cinema Day is here to expand on the foundation’s mission to “advance the moviegoing experience” and to celebrate all of the hard work that goes into it, from the filmmakers to the concession manufacturers and even the audiences who show up.

Cinemas across North America are offering $4 tickets to pretty much every movie playing on the big screen. AMC Theatres, Regal Movies, B&B Theatres, and Cineplex are among the cinema chains participating in the event. That means that you could do a Barbenheimer double feature for $8!

It’s not just cheap tickets that theatres are providing. Many locations are re-releasing fan favorites and classic films, including Jurassic Park and Lady Bird (If you liked Barbie, and want to check out director Greta Gerwig’s solo directorial debut, then you should be rushing to check this one out.) To find out what the theatres around you are featuring for the 2023 celebrations, head to the National Cinema Day website and search for your local theatre.

While I personally never need an excuse to head to the theatre, having something like National Cinema Day 2023 is a fun way to share my movie love with those around me. After all, isn’t the shared movie-goer experience one of the best parts of going to the cinema? There’s no better feeling than an entire audience sharing a laugh at a perfectly timed joke or a synchronous gasp of fear in response to a good jump scare.

Are you planning on celebrating National Cinema Day 2023 by heading to your local theatre? Let us know what you’ll be watching in the comments below. My personal pick for the weekend? Emma Seligman’s Bottoms.

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