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Xolo Maridueña takes flight with the Blue Beetle!

For those Cobra Kai fans out there, you’ll be excited to know that Xolo Maridueña is ready to take on the title of Blue Beetle! He has kicked ass in karate competitions, and now he is taking on the classic DC realm, for a superhero outing that promises a ton of action, and an interesting storyline, one that sees an alien scarab-type relic attaching itself to Jaime Reyes (Xolo Maridueña) in-turn, providing him with some really fun superpowers.

In the final trailer for the movie, we see Jaime fully embrace his newfound Blue Beetle powers. When it comes to superhero movies, origin stories like this, tend to be the most fun and intriguing to watch. In the trailer, we get similarities to Shazam! When Billy Batson had to get used to his powers, in a really fun way. They were both not ready for these types of powers, but they were also really excited to be taking them on. As the trailer suggests, power like this becomes something many people will pursue. Jaime will be chased down by villain Victoria Kord, played by the fantastic Susan Sarandon.

The trailer really stands out, because it shows that the Blue Beetle is more powerful than some superhero fans might be used to. I feel like these kinds of powers are always going to make for a great movie. Jaime can literally imagine any weapon he wants, and the Blue Beetle will make it happen! You even can watch some great examples in the trailer. Blue Beetle promises a ton of action and that could very well mark the beginning of an Iron Man type era for the DC universe. What’s extremely positive with this trailer though, is how DC has stepped up on the CGI once more. After The Flash, fans were rightfully left divided by the CGI in the movie. Blue Beetle looks like things are back on track now in that regard.

How will Jaime survive this? How will he protect his family, and will he keep the power of the Blue Beetle? All these questions will be answered in August.

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