These Are the Perfect Snacks and Refreshments for Your Home Theater

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You turned down the lights, queued up your favorite film, and snuggled under a blanket only to realize after pressing “Play” that you made a horrible mistake. You forget to get refreshments! One of the most crucial things for elevating your movie-viewing experience is having delicious snacks and drinks. 

Next time you watch a movie alone or throw a movie viewing party consider upgrading your refreshments. The best home theater snacks and refreshments don’t cost a lot of money – and getting them doesn’t require a lot of work on your part. Below we’ve listed some of the best home theater snacks for enhancing your movie-viewing experience. 

Period-Appropriate Candies and Sodas

Get creative with your movie snacks! If you love classic films, try serving refreshments that were popular during the period in which the movie was made. For example, if you’re watching the Godfather trilogy in your home theater, purchase the most popular movie candies of the ‘70s including Charleston Chew, Bottle Caps, Fun Dip, and Pop Rocks. Many candy stores still offer retro candies, so they shouldn’t be that hard to track down. 

If you’re going to stock your home theater with vintage candies, don’t forget that the sodas of the past are also different from what’s made today. Some major soda brands offer “throwback” versions of their sodas with classic labels and real sugar instead of corn syrup. In addition, many of the classic sodas and beers from the past are still in production even though you can’t find them in most local stores; however, they are available online. 

Roasted Nuts

While popcorn tends to be the most popular movie snack, there are some other delicious hot snack options you should definitely try. If you like the smell that wafts around the almond roasting kiosk at the mall, you’ll love it when the same scent fills your home theater.

 Commercial-quality nut roasters aren’t cheap, but stovetop roasters do the job just as well and are quite inexpensive. All that you need to do is place the roaster on your stovetop, add the nuts and glaze and stir until the nuts are ready to eat.

THC Gummies

If you enjoy refreshments with benefits, THC gummies are going to become your new favorite home theater snacks. Made with hemp-derived cannabinoids, they’re federally legal and available online for adults across the country to order. 

They pack the same punch that you’d get from traditional cannabis, but they have no smell and are completely acceptable to use around those who don’t partake. THC gummies can greatly enhance comedies and concert films along with more cerebral fare. They’re also surprisingly potent, so make sure that those who do partake have designated drivers lined up.

Sandwich Spread

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If you’re the type of person who enjoys visiting upscale theaters that serve gourmet meals, you might like to recreate that experience in your home theater. Try calling a local deli and having a sandwich spread brought in. That eliminates the need to spend hours in the kitchen and gives your guests an opportunity to serve themselves. 

Having some sandwiches brought in is a particularly good idea if you’re planning a longer evening and will be screening several films in a row. During a long event, it’s likely that your guests will want to eat something more substantial than popcorn and candy. Sandwiches are perfect because you can leave them out at room temperature for about two hours. They’re generally also not messy, which is good for protecting your expensive home theater furniture.

Soft Pretzels

Popular at movie theaters, pretzels are a snack you’re “knot” going to want to miss out on. Consider buying a pretzel warmer so you can have them ready to go in your home theater. 

A pretzel warmer is a simple appliance with a heating element that keeps your pretzels hot until your guests are ready to serve themselves. Pair the pretzels with some gourmet mustard or nacho cheese, and the experience will be complete. 

Although a pretzel warmer may sound like an appliance that’s only useful for one task, that’s not actually the case. In many cases, you can also use a pretzel warmer for a variety of other snacks like churros, corn dogs and bags of roasted nuts. Just drop the snacks in the warmer, and your guests can help themselves when they’re hungry.

Soda Siphon

If you’re on the hunt for some completely unique refreshments to offer in your home theater, a soda siphon is a tool that you should definitely consider adding to your arsenal. A soda siphon is a metal or glass canister with an injector that allows you to force carbon dioxide into the liquid of your choice. 

To use it, you simply fill the canister with liquid and twist in a CO2 cartridge. Once the beverage is carbonated, you can push a lever at the top of the siphon to dispense it into a glass. In addition to creating a beverage that’s much fizzier than what you can find in bottled form, a soda siphon is a great deal of fun because you can use it to carbonate almost anything. Simply put an assortment of juices and wines in your refrigerator, and your guests can create their own tasty concoctions.


Hope you find these ideas for movie refreshments refreshing! Don’t settle for just popcorn. Elevate your movie viewing experience with these delicious snacks and drinks. 

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