The Community Movie: 9 Guest Stars From The Show That Need to Return

Just like their own Abed Nadir predicted, Community is getting 6 seasons and a movie! The groundbreaking show ran for, wait for it, 6 seasons. And now, we have confirmation that there is a movie in the works. Community was amazing in its time, and featured a lot of career-making roles for its lead cast, along with some amazing guest appearances. So let’s take a look at 9 Community movie guest stars that need to return.

Luis Guzman’s Alma Matar Is In The Community Movie

Community movie guest stars Guzman.

Image via NBC

Actor Luis Guzman appeared in Episode 8 of Season 3, which featured the making of a commercial for the fictional college of Greendale. The episode saw the Dean (Jim Rash) getting carried away shooting the commercial. As a former fictional graduate, Luis Guzman appeared in the episode as himself to be in the commercial. But the descent into chaos by the Dean causes him to back out. It would be great if Guzman returned, given the school is the major setting for the show.

Adam Devine Was Jeff Winger’s Half Brother In Community

Community movie guest stars Devine.

Image via NBC

Before he was a household name from the Pitch Perfect movies or his role in Modern Family, Adam Devine appeared in Community. In the 5th episode of Season 4, Devine played Jeff’s (Joel McHale) half-brother, from his estranged father. Playing a shrieking, neglected son, Devine was pitch-perfect (get it?) In contrast to McHale’s cooler big brother character. As Jeff’s family, and given his prestige in the comedy world since Community, it would be a nice throwback if Devine returned as a Community movie guest star. 

Before A Talk Show Host John Oliver Was A Psych Teacher

Community movie guest stars Oliver.

Image via NBC

John Oliver played a recurring character on Community, on and off during its six seasons. Oliver’s Ian Duncan was a sometimes alcoholic, other times an indifferent professor at Greendale. Duncan originally started as a former friend of Jeff’s, but through the seasons developed a love-hate rivalry with Señor Chang (Ken Jeong). Given Oliver’s success with Last Week Tonight on HBO, his guest appearance would be a nice crossover.

Nathan Fillion Was A Custodian At Greendale

Community movie guest stars Fillion. .

The Suicide Squad and The Rookie actor appeared in 2 episodes of Community in Seasons 5 & 6. Nathan Fillion played a Custodian, who Annie (Allison Brie) had to bribe during her descent into the corrupt world of community college politics. Fillion is a household name from various movie and TV roles such as Castle, Firefly and so many more. His appearance as a Community movie guest star could only boost the profile of the movie.

Before Being An Eternal Kumail Nanjiani Was At Greendale

Community movie guest stars Nanjiani. .

Comedian Kumail Nanjiani got all jacked for his role as a legit Marvel Studios superhero in The Eternals. But before that, he was a Custodian at Greendale Community College. Appearing in the same episode as Fillion, Nanjiani’s breakout was one of the show’s more classic episodes. Appearing in Season 6 episode 11, the show’s final paintball episode, Nanjiani played the episode’s antagonist. The now even more famous Oscar-nominated actor appearing in the Community movie would be awesome for longtime fans.

LeVar Burton Could Return As Himself In Community Movie

LeVar Burton

Image via NBC.

One of the best running jokes in Community was how Troy’s (Donald Glover) hero was LeVar Burton. So when Burton actually appears in the show, as himself, Troy is unable to handle it. He freaks out to the point of not even being able to interact with Burton. It’s hilarious and wonderfully unexpected. Burton was even present during Glover’s last episode.

While we’re not entirely sure if Glover himself will return for the movie, having both of them come back together would be an incredible feat.

Giancarlo Esposito Brought Some Much-Needed Weight To Community

Community movie guest stars Esposito.

Image via NBC.

The acclaimed and supremely talented actor, Giancarlo Esposito also appeared in Community. A shock, I know. But the Emmy-nominated film and TV actor showed up as Pearce’s (Chevy Chase) half-brother and appeared in 2 episodes in Seasons 3 and 4. Each appearance was in a particularly special episode. Esposito first appeared in an episode where the entire Study Group went into a pixelated 90’s video game. The second was a Halloween episode, where he made amends with Pearce.

Given that Chase himself may not be returning for the Community movie, it’s unlikely that Esposito will return. But if the movie could get The Mandalorian and Breaking Bad actor to return, it would almost be a coup.

Jack Black’s Gotta Come Back To Kick It!

Jack Black

Image via NBC.

One of the special guest appearances in Community was when Jack Black showed up. As a needy and clingy student wanting to join their Study Group, Black was absolutely amazing. He was quite possibly the most memorable guest star in the show. During his appearance in Season 1 Episode 13, Black freaks out accidentally kicks Jeff in the face, and is responsible for some insanely hilarious moments, early in the show’s run.

Knowing Jack Black’s penchant for comedy and silly guest spots, I wouldn’t be surprised if he decides to appear in the Community movie.

Oscar Winner & Marvel Superhero Brie Larson!

Community movie guest stars Larson.

The absolute biggest guest appearance has to be from Oscar winner Brie Larson. Captain Marvel herself appeared in 3 episodes of Community as Abed’s love interest. While not ha-ha funny, Larson was incredibly cute, and her chemistry with Pudi was unmatched. I’m hoping that Larson remembers her small-time TV roots, and decides to return as a guest star in the Community movie.

Honourable Mentions Who Could Be Community Movie Guest Stars

Community movie guest stars Poster.

Image via NBC.

There has a hoard of other Community movie guest stars that could appear, given their roles in the show. Everyone from Malcolm McDowell, Hillary Duff, and Patton Oswalt to Andy Dick, Jo Lo Truglio, Randal Park, Matt Berry and so many others have appeared in Community.

But none more important than Joe and Anthony Russo. The famous directors of the Captain America and Avengers movies got their start with Community. With Joe directing 21 episodes and Anthony 14, the Russo brothers have directed the most episodes of Community. While it might seem far-fetched for the MCU directors to return for a Community movie, it’s possible. Especially since no director is set for the movie as of yet.

No word on when the Community movie will premiere.

Which Community movie guest start do you want to appear? Let us know in the comments below.

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