The Best Games for Animal Lovers

If you love animals, there’s a good chance that you love gaming too. Most animal lovers tend to have very playful natures, and, if you talk to the average gamer, many of them will probably tell you that they own a few pets.

Many games cater to pet lovers. Some of them can help pet owners love and care for their pets better. Open exploration games can be great for pet lovers too. There are also plenty of games that have animals as main characters and protagonists. Let’s take a look at some of the best games for animal lovers.

Online Slots

You might be asking what online slots would have to offer to an animal lover, but tons of online slots have an animal theme today. You have online slots like Buffalo Blitz that take you right in the middle of Buffalo country, so you feel like you’re nestled in American prairies while you get a chance to win thousands of pounds. Some of these games will even have traditional video game levels where you can play as an animal. So, if you like animals, try to look at some animal-themed online slots and see if one catches your eye.

Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country is not only one of the best games for animal lovers, but one of the best gaming franchises ever created. What makes the game so nice is how important of a role animals play in it. 

You can ride all sorts of animals in the game, and they all have very different roles and characteristics. Some of the animals you can ride include rhinos, spiders, and rattlesnakes. You can also ride a swordfish in underwater stages or hop on the back of a flying parrot.

Another thing that makes Donkey Kong Country so great is the way the levels are designed. The graphics are absolutely beautiful with lush textures and colours, even on older versions. The levels are diverse and include some nice puzzles too. This is a game you will love looking at and playing for days.


Minecraft is another game all animal lovers should try. Minecraft is basically a simulation of the real world, only with pixelated characters. You can raise chickens, sheep, llamas, and all sorts of different animals. You can even domesticate wolves and feed them or ride horses and donkeys.

Minecraft is great for its social aspect as well. You’ll get the chance to get together with other animal lovers and share some tips. If you like exploration games and would like to know how it feels to raise a pig or chicken farm, then Minecraft is the perfect title for you.

Zelda Breath of the Wild

Zelda: Breath of the Wild is another game every animal lover should try, mainly because of the realistic horseback riding experience. Horseback riding has played a major part in Zelda games since Zelda: Ocarina of Time and has only gotten more realistic over time. 

The animations are stunning and the way the controller rumbles when you’re riding the horse makes the experience much more immersive. You can also use a bow and arrow and fight bad guys on horseback.

The game’s environment is very rich too and allows for open exploration. There are so many side quests and bird watching is a part of the game. This is the perfect title for any animal lover who wants to completely lose themselves in a game.

If you love animals with a passion and own a few pets, we suggest you give all of these games a try. They might allow you to rediscover your love for animals or connect with animals when you can’t be with your pets.

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