The Beguiled: Trailer Reaction

The Beguiled

So I’m plugging along adding new content over on our YouTube channel and I notice this trailer screaming out to mean labeled “The Beguiled”. Hmm. Colin Farrell? Okay. Kirsten Dunst? Sure. Add in Elle Fanning and Nicole Kidman with some sexual tensions that lead to dangerous rivalries… Dafuq?!

Seemed like it was worth a click, and then this happened:

Overall this movie makes me really really uncomfortable. I still don’t know if I want to review this one but The Beguiled does seem particularly intriguing. The premise and setup are pretty unbelievable but that’s not the selling point. No, the selling point is clearly the torture and attempt of escape from Farrell’s character. I’m not a big torture porn fan so IDK.

Maybe I can ask Sonia to review this one instead…

[The Beguiled]


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