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The Final LOGAN Trailer Is Not Something You Want To Miss

The Final LOGAN Trailer Is Not Something You Want To Miss

I knew the Logan trailer would be good, but for how good it is, if this movie is even in the vicinity of how great this trailer is then, Logan is set to be one of the best comic book movies ever created.

The trailer is perfect from start to finish, from the building up, to the action packed moments and amazing soundtrack that again seems to perfectly fit the movies tone.

There are two trailer releases, one is an un-rated extended cut and one is the original second Logan trailer, so check out both below.

Watch The Final LOGAN Trailer:

Now if you are into a little more F-bombing, then go ahead and watch the extended Red Band Logan trailer:

Both are oh, so beautiful, as I will watch each of these at least another 25 times, by the time March comes around. March has some amazing movies coming out, but Logan is definitely at the top of that list.

In the meantime, check out Crazy For Film,

if you are crazy for the comic genre movies coming soon.
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