Whoa. Star Wars Rogue One just got real with this new trailer

I have expectations for every film. Rarely are my expectations off. I have no expectations for this off-shoot Star Wars movie but man alive I’m starting to form some after watching this trailer.

That is a long and awesome looking trailer. This footage trumps what they’ve previously released and even gives a lot more weight to the film by clarifying the personal stakes of our heroine Jyn Erso. I like the imagery shown and the tone that this film is providing. It’s a bit off from a typical Star Wars movie which makes this movie almost seem like it shouldn’t be a Star Wars movie at all. Are there sequels planned for Rogue One? Is this the beginning of a new series within a series?

So far I’m wondering how this movie will perform in the box office. I can immediately tell you that the media will compare the box office of this movie to a proper Star Wars film and call it a failure if it doesn’t come close to what Episode 7 did when it was released which is completely unfair. This movie isn’t even out and I’m already defending it. I’m so confused but intrigued by this movie.

Sorry for just the random wandering thoughts but this trailer and movie makes me this way. Will we see any Jedi in this movie? What’s the connection to the Skywalkers? There’s mention of the Force in this movie, will we see any forceweilders outside of Vader? Will Ahsoka pop up in this movie?

Damn you Disney. Thank you Disney.

That’s all for now…

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