Films That I Need Now!!!

I don’t know, if it’s a good or horrific time to be alive. With all these old IPs (intellectual property) being made or rebooted, I don’t know if my childhood is being aggressively raped or honorably praised. One thing that I do know is how none of my favorite shows are being made into movies. So, are you telling me Pinky and the Brain or Street Sharks can’t be made into a feature film, but, we can have Emoji and Jen and the Holograms?  As a result, this here is just a PSA letting studios know what shows or films, I (a fan) would like to see on screen. F.Y.I this list is in no particular order.

887f54ba062b6d9ea8dc9d3469981ad6Thundercats: This is a property that I desperately wished would be made into a film. For you youngins  out there, who never heard of it …  It’s like Ninja Turtles, but with cats and mummies, and a shit ton of mythical creatures. I have to admit, this will cost a pretty penny and a nickel if you want it done right. But, I have no doubt in my mind that Thunder Cats will make up towards five hundred million with ease. With all the 80s movie and shows being rebooted, I feel that Thunder Cats is the ripest for success.

DHX_1002277_S_00_EN_bigWhere in the Earth is Carmen San Diego: Why a Carmen San Diego movie? Why the fucking not? If Tetris and Pez (yes, the candy) can get a movie, why can’t my lady friend? Carmen San Diego is what National Treasure wanted to be. A history scavenger hunt with mystery and action sprinkled with a little bit of humor. The movie would be fairly inexpensive and marketable to kids; plus, it can be easily be turned into a franchise. ATTENTION, Hollywood get on it now! Don’t do it for me, but do it for the money.  SIDE NOTE: if Angela Jolie was about ten years younger, she would have made a perfect Carmen.

tumblr_lxt23rOQoI1qixd45o10_1280Lion King: Two months ago you would have never even heard me utter the words, let’s make a remake. After seeing Jungle Book, I need this film in my life. I don’t know if the magic of Lion King will translate well into CGI, but I’m willing to give it a try. If they mess it up, guess what? – We will still have the original. BUT, if they can achieve the impossible …OMG, I can see it now! I’m so invested that I do not mind giving up my son’s right leg to see this on the big screen.  Do I think it would hold a candle to the Disney’s original – hellll no, but I’m definitely intrigued in what can be done.

Season8-1artBuffy the Vampire Slaver: I need a new vampire franchise – plan and simple. The last good one was Twilight (no, it’s not a typo Twilight). Twilight finished over four years ago, and since then, I haven’t found anything to satisfy my hunger – no pun intend. I’m dying to see a bloodsucker get roundhouse kick from a valley girl. It won’t cost much, it doesn’t have to take it self seriously, and to be honest I miss Buffy. We miss Buffy, please bring her back to the sliver screen.

metroid-vs-zelda_c_2041591Zelda/Metroid: I honestly to God don’t know why there hasn’t been a development for these two movies. First, both are well-known I.Ps since 1986. Metroid and Zelda have a massive fan base, with countless games, spin-offs and merchandise!!! There should be a trilogy out right now. Heck, the trilogy should have been out so long that they rebooted the franchise twice. Look studios, I know the Mario movie was hard. It broke my spirit too, but it time to get back on the horse. You can’t be scared forever.

That’s it guys, was there any that I missed? Was there any that I should take off? let me know down in the comment section. below.


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