Trailer: The Girl On The Train (Is Watching You)

I’m one of those people that is incessantly compares books to movies whenever I read the books. I will try not to give be to critical with this. I can’t help but feel a “Gone Girl” vibe, however the book and the movie were both bad. I am really loving the soundtrack in the background with Kanye West’s Heartless remixed into the trailer. I can’t help but feel at the edge of my seat when watching this. The book is amazing but written in non chronological order so it will be interesting to see how director, Tate Taylor will adapt this film and make it as awesome and as gut wrenching as the book. I’m really excited to see Emily Blunt in this role. There has been a lot of criticism about it not being set in England but while I do find that a bit disappointing, I’m still excited and have high hopes for this potentially great film


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