Do we really want another Indiana Jones?

News has been circulating the web today that Disney has confirmed another entry in the Indiana Jones franchise that will bring back both lead Harrison Ford and Director Steven Spielberg. The news doesn’t come as a complete surprise as rumors about this have been around for a while with the most curiosity surrounding whether or not there would be any recasting for Indy and/or the series would bring back actor Shia LeBouf (not likely). The news also mentions a 2019 release date which is a realistic 3 year production window. The only problem with all of this is… everything. Do we really want another Indiana Jones with a Harrison Ford who is already in his 70’s? Do we really want to risk another Crystal Skull refrigerator like McGuffin? Do studios want to risk another star speaking out about the film negatively after the fact?

Take a moment. Think deeply.

Do we really want another Indiana Jones movie?


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