Alice Through the Looking Glass Official Trailer

Raise your hand if you forgot this movie was even coming out because I know I didn’t. I feel like Tim Burton films just seem to come out of nowhere. Maybe because he’s a secretive person, or maybe because he hasn’t had a hit film in a few years! In either case, I was not blown away by the Alice in Wonderland, but I could understand why some people might be. Great CGI, corky humor, and there’s Johnny Depp – what more do you really need? Alice Through the Looking Glass seems to deliver the same movie, but is just rewrapped and resold as something different.

  • Is Johnny Depp in trouble? (yep)
  • Is there a dragon? (yep)
  • Eccentric Villain? (yep)
  • Same cast in crew that’s pretty much in every Tim Burton movie? (yep)

Despite this, I have high hope because two directors proved me wrong this year. They were Ridley Scott and George Miller. I thought they were done and down for the count, but they bitch-slapped me with two fantastic movies. So, this gives me hope that any director can make a come back with the EXCEPTION of M.Night. He could never make a come back. Check out the trailer and let me know your opinion.


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P.S. That last part was pretty funny though.

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One thought on “Alice Through the Looking Glass Official Trailer

  1. This actually looks REALLY interesting! A newish tale in a familiar setting may be able to achieve what Pan couldnt and offer something enticing enough to get butts in seats to see this movie! James Bobin has taken over directorial duties with Tim Burton working as a producer but this movie looks mighty morbid.

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