Mindless Plot That Will Make You Feel Real Sorrow

Genre: Crime | Horror |Drama Directed by: Millie Loredo Starring: Vannessa Vasquez, Andrew Sensenig, Melissa Mars Written by: Millie Loredo
Genre: Crime | Horror | Drama
Directed by: Millie Loredo
Starring: Vannessa Vasquez, Andrew Sensenig, Melissa Mars
Written by: Millie Loredo


Synopsis: A young woman escapes a couple from a killer couple. 



Where do I start with this movie? Who is to blame for this mess? How does a semi-intriguing trailer turn into such garbage? These are the sort of thoughts you might be going through in your head if you end up seeing this nonsense of a movie called Sorrow. Millie Loredo is the writer and director of this movie, and it makes you wonder what exactly was on her mind while making this movie. It’s a huge mess right from the start.


Sorrow is allegedly based on true events, though not sure the reality portion of it was conveyed at all in this movie.  It’s concept is based on a couple of deranged serial killers that seek out young women, or in this case have them come to the killers house to make a phone call. This is as much as you will gather from the plot. A young woman named Mila Sweeney (Vannessa Vasquez) is the victim that’s captured, but ends up escaping. To summarize the rest it would just further confuse things. She escapes and ends up going on some bizarre journey to run for Mexico, while also researching the reasons behind these kidnappings. The police appears to be on Mila’s trail, for what reason? Don’t ask me.


The plot has so many holes, it would take hours to noting each one. Some of the basic ones are just terrible continuity. Mila escapes the house, only to be found in a hospital, and it’s not even explained where she is or how she got there. An elderly woman takes her in, but nobody gets the idea to notify the cops. There is some sex ring going on in the opening scenes, but it’s not touched on after that. Nobody has any idea what happens to the escapees that are mentioned. They couldn’t even get the time of day right in one of the scenes, where there is a car accident that happens during daylight, next scene it’s already dark?


In a scene that will either make you laugh or shake your head with confusion, Mila ends up exposing all her knowledge about the psychological issues that killers have, she credits her “research” to all these claims. Even more rediculous is when the head of the police starts his confession to Mila about all that he’s plotted. Who does that? In movies, because that obviously would never happen in reality. Sorry for the minor plot twist spoiler- not sorry. I’ll stop while I’m ahead.


Chained, yet she still gets away


Loredo has a flair for fast cuts. There are teases galore in this movie, such as anytime someone is shot, has sex, or is about to be violated in some way, there is a fade to black, and the mentioned events are never seen. Why would a movie with an R rating cut away from a gunshot? Is there a secret PG rating that I’m unaware of?


The acting is consistently bad. Vasquez, while easy on the eyes, needs a lot more training. She is frequently exposed in scenes that require her to show some sort of emotion. Melissa Mars who plays Officer Salinas, is equally bad and unbelievable. She plays a whiny, annoying, and unstable cop. There isn’t a single actor who stands out. They all need more training. I bet you could pluck out a few kids from any acting class in North Hollywood that can do an equally good, if not better job than the actors in this film.


Sorrow will make you feel deep sorrow for wasting 90 minutes of your life that you can’t have back. Luckily, most of you would be able to turn it off after the first 5 minutes, while I had to endure all 90. This is a very amateur film that has a ton of issues, mainly the plot. While it’s an upgrade from a student film, this is the sort of poor low-budget stuff that makes you wonder how it ever gets produced and distributed. Do yourself a favor and run from Sorrow, or else you will be sorry.


Additional Thoughts: Senseless, mindless, confusing, poorly acted, badly directed, amateur. That’s a a quick summary of this movie. Vannessa Vasquez is pretty cute, that’s about the only positive I could find in the movie. 


Sorrow – 0.5 out of 10 

Cute Girl, That’s About All


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