The Martian Official Trailer

I just recently saw the trailer for The Martian. Everyone who have seen it before me, warned that it gave away much of the plot. My response to them is simply just this. Tell me what trailer has not shown too much of the plot or twists since 2014? The Martian looks freakishly awesome. Kristen Wiig looks a little out of place, but this could be the best performance of her life. Matt Damon is magnificent as always. My only hiccup is there is too much given away, even by the standards of 2015. The first trailer is three minutes and five seconds. Was there not a way to cut that in half? I will not tell you what they gave away just in case you want to skip this one. Watch the trailer at your own risk.


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I’m starting to see a trend with these space type of films. Between Gravity, Interstellar, and now, The Martian. It is like in order to show your skills as a director, you have to take your film into space.

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