Z for Zachariah Official Trailer

Margot Robbie is the last woman on Earth. This might sound as a dream come true. Especially, when you are perceived to be the last man on Earth. I would be happy picking apples and carrots for the duration of my lifetime. However, God does not like me nowhere near enough and apparently not Chiwetel Ejiofor either. It is just our luck he would throw a young, handsome, GQ model played by Chris Pine into the mix. BOOM, I just gave you the premise for the Z for Zachariah. Honestly, this should not even be a movie. Realistically, the next man is getting shot in the head when Margot is not looking. Some people may label it as murder. But, I label it survival of the fittest. All jokes aside, this film looks like a great twist to the Mundane love triangle we see annually. Watch the trailer, and leave a comment below. Tell me if you agree or not. I would love to know.


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P.S. I would really shoot him though.

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