Sinister 2 Official Trailer #1



This is a really bad trailer. I mean awful. In two minutes and thirty two seconds, I know this movie relies on jump scares. I know there’s going to be sub-par acting. I know they are going to recycle the plot from the last Sinister movie. Seriously, someone discovers the tapes again … in the attic again with a family who has a super 8 film projector again (bullshit) … and, for some Deus Ex Machina reason, they can’t stop watching the film again … with some wanna be detective trying to solve the murders, again! Sinister 2 is a cash grab, if I ever seen one. You know what makes it even worst, they copy and paste the first Sinister trailer. Both trailers literally show the Loving family. One family member finds the video and the scene is followed by some scary scenes and topped with somebody uncovering the truth, sprinkled with one more jump scare. Don’t believe me?


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If this movie is more than 90 minutes, I’m not seeing it.



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