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5 to 7 is a Romantic Affair

Genre: Comedy | Romance Directed by: Victor Levin Starring: Anton Yelchin, Olivia Thirlby, Berenice Marlohe Written by: Victor Levin

Genre: Comedy | Romance
Directed by: Victor Levin
Starring: Anton Yelchin, Olivia Thirlby, Berenice Marlohe
Written by: Victor Levin


Synopsis: A young novelist develops an extramarital relationship with a diplomat’s wife. 


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We are about to enter the spring of Yelchin. It all begins with 5 to 7, a romantic comedy from director Victor Levin that hits theaters April 3rd.


5 to 7 is an old-school foreign kind of romantic comedy. There isn’t much ridiculous slapstick humor, instead its slow paced and awkward.


Brian (Anton Yelchin) is young aspiring writer that finds himself floundering around the streets of NYC frequently in search of inspiration. He discovers that inspiration when he comes across a beautiful and exotic French woman named Arielle (Berenice Marlohe). They connect immediately. Soon after, Brian finds himself immersed in various adventures with Arielle. A twist arises when Arielle reveals to him that she’s married with kids. A series of sexual escapades soon evolves into a romantic relationship between them.


The premise of the movie would make one believe that situations like the one depicted in the film, only occur in fantasies of young males and unsatisfied wives. What you see on-screen is a supposed fantasy come alive. The awkward, spontaneous, and sweet manner that their relationship evolves makes you overlook their age gap, status, or situation. Who wouldn’t have a hard time letting go of a gorgeous, sophisticated, and cultured woman? Even if shes’ married with kids.


This is a slower paced film, with scenes that have little to no action. The pacing sets the tone for the entire movie. It follows the characters and their evolving romance at natural speed. Brian falls in love quickly, though most people can relate to being head over heels with someone at some point in their lives. He is willing to overlook the long-term picture in hopes of satisfying the now. That sort of mentality is what we call infatuation, and most of us have also experience that at some point in our lives. Arielle on the other hand is just as smitten by Brian, however, her maturity and long-term outlook doesn’t allow her to make irrational decisions that he would be willing to make. She’s concerned about her kids, her husband (they are in an open relationship), and Brian’s future.


Yelchin doesn’t look the part, but he’s perfect for it. He looks nerdy, not the kind of guy who would attract a French diplomats wife. It’s also what makes him endearing and unique. He’s quietly developing into an elite actor, while tackling various off-beat and character driven roles.


Berenice Marlohe, exudes confidence and sex appeal. Her character portrays class and spontaneity. It be hard to cast someone else in this role besides her. Arielle is blunt and unapologetic, which adds to her appeal.

Lucky guy


Making appearances in supporting roles are Glenn Close and Frank Langella as Brian’s outspoken parents. Additionally, Olivia Thirlby plays Jane, the love interest of Arielle’s husband and Brian’s editor. She’s the link between the Brian’s professional and personal world.


There is something completely unique and exciting about dating an older woman. Personally I can relate to Brian. I have been involved with a woman older than me. The maturity level, the conversations, and the confidence a mature woman has is spellbinding on a younger guy. In my case, it didn’t take too long to realize that the lust needs to be cooled off by the reality of the situation. This romances usually don’t end up working out, even though the chemistry and connection is mesmerizing. Brian discovers that the hard way. There is something to take away from every romance, it’s the shared moments and memories that last a lifetime.


This is the sort of romantic comedy that doesn’t play up to the genre. It’s genuine, sweet, honest, and had elements of reality. It’s about people from different social status and cultures views falling in love in a random, yet powerful way. The beginning of the movie won’t inspire you for the events that proceed, though it’s worth the wait. 5 to 7 is a novel like romance that would be just as well suited for a book as it is for film. Love happens to the unlikeliest people in the unlikeliest ways, and 5 to 7 does a nice job showing us that anything is possible, even if it’s temporary.


5 to 7 – 6.5 out of 10! 

Fantasies Do Come True For A Short While

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