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The Movie Blog has teamed up with to give away TWO limited edition Guardians of the Galaxy Fathead wall decals. These are the real deal and retail at $99.99 so get ready readers because two of you will get to select 1 of the Fathead wall decals from the link below if you are one of our winners!


Contest Rules:


Contest runs from August 12, 2014 to August 19, 2014


1. Comment below with your favorite character from the film and why they are your favorite.
2. The TWO most creative comments will be hand selected to receive the prize of one Fathead wall decal from
3. Upon selection you will be emailed and asked to reply with an address to send the wall decal to.
4. Good Luck!


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9 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy Fathead Contest

  1. Rocket Raccoon!! Because he’s just a walking-talking contradiction. He has rough “vocabulistics” but if you call him Rodent or Vermin you’re likely to have a gun pointed at your face… Because he’d rob the world blind if he could get away with it, but he’ll also help save it… And last but certainly not least- he talked a lot of junk to Groot but he sure was crying a different tune when Groot was ‘gone’.

  2. When Drax called Ronan to come fight him I was cracking up. Everything about that character was just fantastic. Especially due to the fact that I was worried about a wrestler acting. They wrote that character so perfectly. Finding him more screen time would be just super duper. He was my favorite character for sure. Such a hilarious dimwit.

  3. To me the Rocket and Groot Tie, because of the “Smurf” talk they had between them. Having complete conversations with Groot only saying “I am groot” had me rolling.

  4. Star-Lord’s Walkman. Arguably the most important piece of the entire movie. Not only is it his last connection to a world he once knew but it is the living memory of his late mother. Also, all the songs on the Awesome mix are…well…AWESOME!

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