The Maid’s Room Review: Be careful who you work for

Genre: Thriller Directed by: Michael Walker Starring: Paula Garces, Bill Camp, Annabella Sciorra Written by: Michael Walker
Genre: Thriller
Directed by: Michael Walker
Starring: Paula Garces, Bill Camp, Annabella Sciorra, Philip Ettinger
Written by: Michael Walker

Synopsis: A psychological thriller that explores the complex relationships between truth and justice, hubris and power, wealth and fear. Credit: Imdb


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The Maid’s Room is head scratcher. At times it makes you want to fall asleep, at other times it has you glued to the screen. In sports you often hear that it was a game of two half’s, well this is a movie of two half’s. First half is fairy uninspiring and boring, the second half which really starts to entertain at around the 60 minute mark. So why is this movie a two part conundrum?


The Maid’s Room centers around a wealthy family living in the Hamptons. The films begins by following Drina. An immigrant woman from Colombia that takes up the maid job with the Crawford’s in their Hampton home. They are leaving town for a few days and Drina is hired to take care of the house, and watch over the Crawford’s rebellious teenage son. On a side note, the son is played by Philip Ettinger who looks no younger than 21. Maybe he is the one who should be watching Drina? A drunken fun night for Philip turns into a nightmare as he is involved in a hit-and-run accident that leaves a  murderous bloody trail behind him. The events that ensue triggers one domino after another. Suddenly Drina, who has dreams of going to an American college is looking out for her own well being.


As previously mentioned the first hour of the film is bland and uninspiring. Very little action occurs. What we get is a whole lot of errands for Drina to tend to. A kid that is partying, and scenes that don’t do a whole lot to move the movie along. I found myself bored and ready to flee. In addition to the boring lack of developments on screen, I found the characters frustrating. I feel like I should review this film based on the first and second half of the film.


The brooding mother in the background
The brooding mother in the background


During the first hour of the film the only thing that is established is that the Crawford couple are the villains, the maid is the good one, and the son is the in-betweener of the bunch.  Personally, I found the Drina character to be annoying at times. She wasn’t as innocent as portrayed. I found her character to be annoying at times. There was even a hint of her trying extort the family for more money in order to keep quiet.  Drina appears to be ultra-nosy. Constantly looking through all their possessions. Sneaking up on the family, listening on every conversation. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to have a maid like that! To me she was a non-likeable character that in context should have been the only one that’s liked. Tough to root for someone who appears shady. Of course, midway through the movie all that changes and I felt true sorrow for Drina. As mentioned before this is a tale of two movies in one.



The family itself is definitely a prototypical rich, entitled group of snobs. They make it a clear point of emphasis that they are superior to Drina. The father attempts to be the man of the house, however it seems like the wife is the one calling the shots behind the scenes. Brandon whose the son, played by  Philip Ettinger is an interesting character. At times he demonstrates how entitled he is. His first encounter with Drina, he completely botches her name and proceeds to laugh about it. Immature, spoiled teenager. As the move moves along we see a side of Brandon that is a bit refreshing. He appears vulnerable, sincere, and filled with grief. There are many hints that point at Brandon being infatuated with Drina. Brandon is easily the most developed character in the film.


Hiding something?
Hiding something?


Now, what made me change my opinion of the film was the events that transpired around the one hour mark. The unexpected shocking twist that occurs completely changes the film. It was one of those “holly crap” moments you don’t really expect to happen. I was immediately engaged. The event that changes the film produces several domino effects that alter the course of the film, as well as the fate of the Crawford’s. The film went from minimal action and boredom to full-on intrigue. Describing what actually happens would be a big spoiler. I am confident in saying the film remains compelling till the final moments. The ending had me a bit puzzled, not really sure what happened? I also found it confusing why with all the chaos that goes on including a hit-and-run accident, police are nowhere to be found? Where the hell were the cops in all this?! Should have been addressed in some capacity.


Doesn't she look like the dangerous one?
Doesn’t she look like the dangerous one?


Maid’s Room, is one of those psychological thrillers that has you thinking. The film will have you thinking about the choices being made by the family. Would I make the same choices they do? Are their decisions justified? What would I do to protect my loved ones? There is a noticeable grey area that isn’t necessarily right or wrong. The film sends several messages that it makes point of. Issues such as immigration. People coming to America, doing housekeeping work in order to go to college or provide for their family. Issues of wealth. How much can money really buy? Issues regarding family. To what extent would you go to in order to protect them? Also, the decisions you make can severely effect the future. All those questions will come into play as you watch the film evolve. Big question is how much patience does the viewer have to stick around for the good parts?


The Maid’s Room – 5.5 out of 10!

A bloody trail the maid can’t clean up

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