Universal shuts down Fast & Furious 7 production Indefinitely


Due to the recent death of Fast & Furious star Paul Walker, production for Fast & Furious 7 was halted. Now it seems that the film is at a complete stop and will never hit theaters because there was too much of the film that was left to be shot.


The seventh installment of the street racing series had begun shooting in September. While much of “Fast & Furious 7” has been filmed, it’s far from complete.

When Walker died in a fiery car crash Saturday north of Los Angeles, the film was on break for the Thanksgiving holiday. Shooting had been planned to resume Monday in Atlanta, but production was put on hold following Walker’s death.

Via: MSN Movies


I didn’t know how they would finish the film with so much left to shoot. It’s better that they scrap the film and cut their losses rather than putting something together that would not do Paul justice. Once again, it is unfortunate for the loss of Paul Walker. The franchise was on a steady climb which I’m sure is due to his involvement with the films.

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