Harrison Ford WILL be in Expendables 3

The Guilty pleasure known as ‘The Expendables” is returning with Sly Stallone keeping himself busy trying to cast every willing and able action star to participate. ┬áLast thing I remember hearing was about Nicolas Cage and others joining, but today’s news is that Harrison Ford is “in” but Bruce Willis is “out”. It’s hard to determine the exact intracacies that go into the casting process with Sly’s Twitter prowess alone but I feel it’s safe to say that we won’t be seeing Bruce Willis in the next movie.



I enjoy Bruce Willis as much as the next guy but after the last year or so I think I’m ok. Between R.E.D., G.I. Joe Retaliation, The Expendables, and whatever else Bruce Willis was in I don’t mind his absence as much as I probably should. Either way, I feel like I should have titled this post “Indiana Jones jones Rambo in The Expendables”.


Source: Twitter via Elliot freakin Hopper



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