Review: Police Guys

Directed and Written by: Jon Lee Brody
Starring: Jon Lee Brody, Tara Strong, Christine Lakin, Alex Heartman, Stephen Kramer Glickman, and more

Police Guys is the new buddy cop short film from film star Jon Lee Brody in which he plays a young typical cynical cop, on a stake out no less, getting into all sorts of outrageous situations while cleaning up the streets. The film is short and made me laugh out loud more than once and right when you feel that you may have over indulged, it aptly ends. I enjoyed the tongue in cheek humor and feel that this short has massive balls for shooting a kid in a abnormally long alleyway for no apparent reason.


Police Guys is a labor of love spawned from the mind of actor/director/writer Jon Lee Brody who surrounds his character with vaguely familiar actors and crew from a wide variety of films including the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness. The results are something that seemingly came from the crazed minds of the folks over at Adult Swim and shows that these real “extras” have some real comedic chops. The film isn’t perfect and on more than one occasion the crew tend to lose restraint with uncontrollable smiles mid scene but the moments aren’t entirely distracting because the film doesn’t take itself that seriously in the first place.


Why haven’t I talked about the story? Because I can’t. There’s isn’t even any continuity in this film , a fact that Police Guys proudly wears as a badge of honor carried throughout to the death defying conclusion. There’s plenty of action packed into a short spoof film with the actors becoming caricatures of any action star, and film. Did I mention that it’s a spoof? No continuity at all and I enjoyed almost every minute of Police Guys.


I give Police Guys a fun 6.5 out of 10

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