Trailer: Grown Ups 2


I know that everyone isn’t excited about this upcoming Grown Ups sequel in fear of more Sandler. That’s fine but I personally hold no bias toward the film and actually quite enjoyed the original film. The movie seemed like it was meant to appeal to a specific audience anyway and those who didn’t like it probably didn’t fall into our category.


“What’s this behind the TV?”


“The Rest of the TV”


Things like that. I like that because I know my kids will undoubtedly ask me a comparable question if I ever show them the TV set I grew up with or the Zack Morris phone that my uncle owned, (or worse the Cell phone that was the size of a backpack). So I’m actually pretty pleased that there will be another installment and that this, of all Sandler films, was chosen to be his first sequel. Check out the new trailer below and let’s see if there will be any more scenes that make me feel old…




Source: Deadline

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