Whoa, this new Iron Man poster is kinda Ominous

The new Iron Man poster made its debut recently and has had many bloggers talking about the imagery within the poster is a bit ominous.  Trust me with this, but just in case I’ll also let the poster do the talking:



Now the poster itself is pretty weird and if I’m not mistaken that’s yet another armor that Stark will be rocking in the film.  We’ve already learned that there’s a likely a deep space armor, and the ultra gold extremis like armor, but we’re seeing this image in what appears to be a completely different armor after Stark got the crap beat out of him.  It slightly resembles the Mark VII armor but some of the colors are different, and I WOULD think it was the Mark VII but it doesn’t seem like an exact match for that either.  It’s been rumored that there will be an abundance of Iron Man armors in this film and that we’ll possibly see Stark’s armory full of iconic suits. Either way, this new poster is certainly a conversation starter…


Source: THR



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One thought on “Whoa, this new Iron Man poster is kinda Ominous

  1. Tony Stark will face some adversity and get his ass kicked before kicking some finale ass – wow there’s a new story ark for a Hollywood film!! Unprecedented! As far as Mark this, or Mark that – based on recent history we would expect multiple suits to make their appearance. Honestly, I don’t see much to comment on here.
    Come back with a picture of Mandarin ;)

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