Marc Webb tweets a tease for the next Spider-Man costume


I guess Marc Webb discovered how to use Twitter because the first major thing he used it for was to post this tease of a picture for Amazing Spider-Man 2. That picture apparently is part of what the new Spider-Man costume will be. But a black costume usually means there is a tie in to the symbiote or Venom in some way since that was the origin of the black costume. I know rumors have been floating around saying that Venom could be in the film, so does the emergence of the black arachnid mean that we’ll now see a reboot of Venom?


Could Venom be in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2?”


I hope that they do not introduce Venom with so many other villains already in the mix. Does anyone remember what happened with Spider-Man 3? Too many characters with so little screen time is a bad thing and with The Rhino and Electro already confirmed, I think there’s already plenty to focus on.


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8 thoughts on “Marc Webb tweets a tease for the next Spider-Man costume

  1. spider man getting a power boost to take on electro and the rhino. remember from spider man the animated series, he had the symbiote suit when he fought rhino. be cool to see the symbiote take over a new host during the credit scene

  2. I’m assuming he’s just showing us what color Spiderman’s eye piece will be in regards to all the complaints he got about the yellow ones Spidey dawned in the last movie.

  3. I think he is going the route of Ultimate Spiderman and is going to introduce Venom.  But I do not believe its going to be Eddie Brock but instead Harry Osborn.  I could be wrong but I think its happening.

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