James Franco criticizes ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’


James Franco, who played Harry Osborn in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, recently gave his perspective on the reboot of the franchise and Dane DeHaan playing his former role. While he was very nonchalant about DeHaan taking on the role of Harry, he was a bit more opinionated regarding his thoughts on the latest film stating, “…they could have strayed a little bit more from the original.”



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While I agree there are some things The Amazing Spider-Man could have improved on, I think that James Franco’s opinion is a bit biased given that he is going to be partial to the franchise he starred in and is also currently working on a film with Sam Raimi, the first franchise’s director. When you ask the opinion of someone who has ties to an original, it’s going to be difficult for them to accept the updated version. For instance, when Adam West was asked about Christopher Nolan’s version of Batman he had many negative things to say and some very outlandish suggestions. I’m not saying that I don’t agree that the film could have had a little bit more distance from Raimi’s version, but I wouldn’t want the origin left out and I certainly wouldn’t want an origin that strayed too far from the original story. They added some things we wanted like showing off Peter’s intellect, his web shooter design, bringing in Gwen Stacy, and not having a whiney little b*tch play Peter Parker (that’s right I said it). I loved Raimi’s Spider-Man films but I liked Garfield’s Peter Parker/Spider-Man better. If anything, the reboot happened too soon with Raimi’s Spider-Man still fresh in our minds and it dampened the excitement. I personally liked the reboot, it just came about at the wrong time.

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3 thoughts on “James Franco criticizes ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

  1. Oh, and well done Ryan for having the guts to call Maguire whiney.  I’ve thought that for years, and would rather have the “Amazing Hipster”.
    Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy both versions, but think that the latest incarnation is an improvement.

  2. Agree with  JamesM about the origin story being unnecessary.
    It’s not just Spiderman either, as Marc Webb was just following the precedent set repeatedly by any comic book adaptation of the past decade, which insist on spending far too time establishing characters that have existed for decades.
    Its odd to think this is only context where it sounds plausible to say that Hollywood needs to take notice of the Bond franchise in this regard, which happily will just leap into the action every time, even when a new actor takes over the role.

  3. Yeah, we didn’t need yet another origin tale – that get’s annoying.
    We know where Spiderman came from – get on with it. I realize there needed to be some context for character development, but a few short flashbacks would have done it. I would have opened the film with Spiderman already in action.

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