International trailer: Spring Breakers

I know this film. I know I know this film and I spent a good portion of time searching the site for any previous coverage that I may have shared with you guys.  A Picture, a trailer, a poster… nada.  Zilch.  I’m pretty shocked because the site of James Franco with cornrows is something not easily forgotten and I was sure I would have posted this just for the shock value of the hair style, but I was dead wrong.  I know why I didn’t share.  At first site this movie just gives me the impression that it’s another wacky James Franco movie, but this time with more jail bait. That’s not to say that I expect the film to be “bad” rather I figured it was predictable. I was right, but I was also wrong. Dead wrong.


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See, it’s predictable in a sense that you’re gonna see bubble headed teeny boppers in some situation that put them out of their element and in some sort of desperation but what you don’t foresee is that Franco’s character is the antagonist. Not only does Franco seem to play the antagonist, but he appears to have developed a character that just exudes a certain charisma that I find overwhelmingly interesting. He’s a wigga taking advantage of some naive white girls in situation that’s way over their heads and that premise is just incredibly appealing. Check out the gallery below and let me know if you have issues and question your morals as well..









Trailer Via: First Showing



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