(WATCH) Alien: Covenant Prologue Explain Prometheus Connection + An Interesting RECAP

(WATCH) Alien: Covenant Prologue Explain Prometheus Connection + An Interesting RECAP

Alien: Covenant is one of the most anticipated movies of the summer for many, as we await it’s May 19th release day.

Whether you enjoyed the Alien prequel Prometheus or not, it looks like the many complaints of the Prometheus movie will be more than patched up and explained through out the new Alien: Covenant release.

Not only does this movie look awesome (and much like the Alien movie classics we enjoyed back in the day), but the marketing for this film is beyond interesting, as it is really gearing towards making sure the viewer knows just how much this movie is going to connect to Prometheus.

It seems more than just a casual connection now, as there have been at least a couple of glimpses at the importance of the Prometheus survivors Shaw & David.

These glimpses are not just intriguing, but they make it seem like this Alien movie may be one of the most intriguing and in-depth story written ones yet. . .

While the prologue does reveal some connection, it leaves just the right amount out, to keep us from being too spoiled for the movies debut in a couple of weeks. . .

Watch the Alien: Covenant ‘The Crossing’ Prologue:

Did you enjoy that as much as I did? Make sure to scroll down to the bottom below, and watch as me and JoCustoms react to and recap the new Alien: Covenant prologue.

Watch The Alien: Covenant Prologue Reaction & RECAP

We really can’t wait for this movie, as it seems like this may be one of the most Alien story arc explaining films yet. From the two Michael Fassbender characters, to the story of how these Xenomorphs and the new Alien creatures came to existence. . .

I really can’t wait to see all that is revealed!

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Alien: Covenant debuts on May 19th!

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