The Dark Knight Rises: Behind the Scenes of Batman vs. Bane


I still think about The Dark Knight Rises. A lot. It’s pretty unhealthy and borders on obsession but the film gave you a lot to analyze by the time the credits rolled on screen. Today we have a clip that premiered on yahoo movies in conjunction with the BluRay and DVD release of the film today that takes us back into the world of the Dark Knight with director Christopher Nolan and actors Christian Bale and Tom Hardy providing commentary on one of the key moments within the film. The fight within the sewers.





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5 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises: Behind the Scenes of Batman vs. Bane

  1. I really would like to see someone in the media adress the time line.
    He get’s Joker’s card at the end of the first film, after being batman for what – a matter of weeks at most?
    Then he defeats Joker – then disappears. Then he comes back years later and he’s practically a cripple, with an entire career’s worth of injuries?
    So Wayne’s career as Batman is a few months according to Nolan’s time line. What the heck?

  2. It makes sense James because it was actually 8 YEARS (not months) since Batman was in action from the end of TDK to the beginning TDKR. He had no cartilage in his joints. That’s why he had to wear that special mechanical knee brace.  I personally loved the fight scenes in TDKR better than the ones in TDK and BB. At least you could tell who the hell Batman was punchin and kickin in TDKR. It had that 80’s action vibe which I am a fan of…

  3. The fight scenes in this movie were almost geriatric.
    He went from Ninja trained Batman, to old guy street brawler Batman throwing pathetic, almost slow motion punches in what, 8 months of time
    in his timeline?
    The timeline was all screwed up –  very poor job on Nolan’s part there.

    1. I’m with you on this. I remember watching Bale and Neeson practicing in Batman Begins, I remember Batman taking apart the police and the joker’s henchmen in a cerebral way near the end of The Dark Knight. A lot of things were still there in this third film but I was completely underwhelmed with the fighting itself. It was slow, weird, and not at all like what we saw in the 2 films prior.

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