Check out the new teaser for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS


The new teaser trailer for “Star Trek Into Darkness” was, literally, just released and before I even hit play I thought of you guys first and chose to get this up as soon as possible so we can share our reactions in the comments below.  Yeah, I like you guys that much. Check out the new video below and let me know…



Via: Paramount Pictures



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3 thoughts on “Check out the new teaser for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS

  1. It has potential.  I like the music and what appears to be a look back into Kirk’s childhood seems interesting.  This film certainly has some lofty expectations to meet.  We still don’t know anything about the plot other than Benedict Cumberbatch is going to wreak havoc in the lives of the Enterprise crew, which is fine but running a little thin.  Can’t wait to see how they intend to maintain my interest over the next few months…

  2. Looks promising. Definitely going to watch this one. 
    When the new Star Trek came out I had my doubts, but the movie was very fun to watch even when I didn’t realy liked the series.

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