Trailer: Oz, The Great and Powerful

As promised, today is the day that we get a new trailer for Oz the Great and Powerful, which is the new film from director Sam Raimi and stars James Franco as the titular Wizard. The film also stars Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz, and the GREAT BRUCE CAMPBELL. Shall we?

That was pretty damn interesting. It’s a lot of what I expected, which is certainly a good thing, but there’s one huge caveat. James Franco seems boring as hell. I’ve mentioned more than once that I had apprehension with him in the role rather than Robert Downey Jr., but I had hoped that Franco would take this opportunity to defy expectations. Franco has range and can bring in a style of comedy to a role, but this particular role would strongly benefit from a more charismatic lead. Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, and Michelle Williams all seem adequate in their roles from what we can see but Franco sticks out like a sore thumb, knocking this film down a few pegs on my radar. It still has a spot, just not as high as before.
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