So that’s what James Franco looks like in Oz the Great and Powerful


We had a blurry cam shot of a promotional poster of James Franco in Oz The Great and Powerful that gave us a decent look at Franco but now we have something a bit more “official” that requires less squinting of the eyes. The good news is Franco looks exactly as we thought/hoped he would. The better news is we also have our first looks of Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams, AND Mila Kunis.



I like the imagery. The heavy use of CGI is a turn off for some but I don’t think CGI is dangerous in the hands of someone who can be trusted with the stuff. This may be the first Raimi film that’s so heavily reliant on the technology so this will be a test of sorts to let us know whether or not he can be trusted moving forward.


I also still wonder what this film could have been like if Robert Downey Jr. hadn’t dropped out of the role. Franco is a fine talent but I doubt that there’s any argument that RDJ would/could have taken the role places that Franco won’t touch.


Michelle Williams looks absolutely regal. Weisz and Kunis look hot and I wonder if they released this photo just to suggest sexual tension intentionally. Nice to finally see everyone together and I’ll be looking forward to seeing more. That’s all for now…


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2 thoughts on “So that’s what James Franco looks like in Oz the Great and Powerful

  1. I remember see this trailer with “Wreck it” and telling my wife there’s another one that should be better with RDJ in the role. Now I feel let down, Franco can play a decent Stoner 1/2 the time but in other films, he’s a decent 2nd actor at best… Big Let Down!

    1. He’s no RDJ. That being said Franco does have talent and potential. I base this on my impression of him carrying Rise of the Planet of the Apes so I would like to believe he can be the lead in this film as well. My disappointment with him in the role is mainly because RDJ and Franco would likely take the character in different directions with my assumption that RDJ would be more whimsical and fun.

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