Do you want Scream 5? Wes Craven would like to know…


Scream 4 released a year or so ago and while it didn’t exactly bomb at the box office thanks to pulling in twice its budget but it was the lowest grossing Scream film of all time. I remember Wes Craven indicating that the 4th film was supposed to be the start of a new trilogy but considering that there was like a decade gap in between Scream 3 and Scream 4 one has to believe that the studios arent falling over themselves to make this happen. With that said Wes Craven has raised the question to you, the experts, if you even want a Scream 5:


Director Wes Craven has now updated his Twitter account, confirming that he’s notworkingon “Scream 5.” He wrote: “No news on Scream 5 yet. You guys really want another one?

Let it die, Wes, just let it die. It was good fun 10 years ago but those audiences have grown up and tastes have changed. You had a stab at it with this new generation of audiences and its clear that word of mouth didn’t propel that 4th film like it did the first time around. I’m moving on and I think he should too…


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4 thoughts on “Do you want Scream 5? Wes Craven would like to know…

  1. Are you kidding? Do we want another one? Of course we want another one, or at least the 90’s generation does. Scream accomplished one thing back in the 90’s… originality! Slasher flicks about someone who was teased as a kid or psycho serial killers looking to kill a bunch of teens simply because they are actually “getting some”, are a dime a dozen. They tried bringing in new ideas and new directions to go in the 2000’s such as Saw and The Final Destination series, but with the new craze being remakes and reboots we need that taste of a little old school 90’s original. It brings that “who done it” aspect onto our tv screens, killing one of the main characters such as Sydney, Dooey, or Gale could be a new possibility but I am very curious on where the next installment of the series could go, very much hoping there is a next one.

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