Sidney Prescott Screams Back into Action for “Scream 7”

Scream 7 Neve Campbell

Yo, horror fiends and Ghostface fangirls! We got some killer news fresh off the press: Neve Campbell is clawing her way back into the role of Sidney Prescott for “Scream 7“! That’s right, the OG scream queen herself is returning to silence that pesky phone (hopefully for good this time). Remember that whole salary spat over “Scream 6“? Yeah, water under the bridge, apparently. According to Campbell’s Instagram, the producers came crawling back with an offer she “couldn’t refuse” (and let’s be real, who can say no to suiting up and stabbing Ghostface a few more times?).

But wait, there’s more!

In a twist that’s almost as shocking as Billy Loomis being revealed as a killer (too soon?), Scream OG writer Kevin Williamson is stepping behind the director’s chair for “Scream 7.” That’s right, the mastermind who brought us lines like “What’s your favorite scary movie?” is taking the reins. Get ready for some meta-horror magic, people! Speaking of magic, the writing torch is being passed to Guy Busick, who scribed the recent “Scream” reboot and its sequel. Meanwhile, the producing powerhouse of Project X Entertainment and the filmmaking collective Radio Silence (who brought us the last two Scream flicks) are on board as executive producers.

Now, let’s talk about what this means for the new generation of Woodsboro heroes (or should we say, victims?). While Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega won’t be returning for “Scream 7” (social media snafus and busy schedules, respectively), we can only imagine the fresh batch of teenagers ready to get taunted by a masked maniac.

The Scream Future

One thing’s for sure: with Campbell back in the game, Williamson steering the ship, and a killer new creative team, “Scream 7” is shaping up to be a bloody good time. Just remember, when that phone rings, don’t answer it…unless it’s Neve Campbell on the other line, then by all means, pick up!

We can’t wait to see Sidney Prescott back in action, proving once again that some things, like a good stalk session from Ghostface, never get old.

Source: Variety

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